Swap/sell board?


Nov 6, 2005
Just wondering if this is a possiblility. The criteria could be strict:
-being a member for a certain period of time
-very detailed pics
-booted for listing a fake

Or maybe even an iso board?

Ya know, like makeupalley ect.
Cheers, Carolyn
I would also think that it would have to strickly be those that were just trying to get rid of a few bags in order to fund the purchase of new one, no dealers, reseller or people with on-lines stores or marketing their own products. But I have wondered too about buying some of the purses that others have and would like to sell that would be safe, since i will not buy from eBay.
Loganz said:
I too think this would be a fab idea; but, I can see why the board owners would not want to allow it.

i agree. double-edged sword, i can understand why they don't want to do it, but i would love it if they did.

i think a nice compromise would be if the only sales posts allowed would be links to ebay auctions. that way, the purchases would be protected (theoretically) through ebay and paypal and megs and vlad wouldn't be responsible for it. the handbag_fetish LJ community does it that way.
I've pointed Vlad this way to take a look- he is more of the technical/everything other than what I do man for the site... so let's see what he thinks!

I agree that it would be cool, but also could have maybe some issues.
I've used eBay and am okay so far but I am not buying off it as much as I want to. This would be great but understandably the board owners might not want it because of several reasons.
i would love the idea, too but I understand that there would be a great security issue. may be i am being naive but i would have a better feeling to purchase of some of you guys than from ebay which i don't do.
I understand that there is a real interest for a trade/FS forum on the PurseBlog. As much as I would love to accomodate your wishes and create a safe trading/selling spot for bag lovers, it is problematic.

I am in no way accusing any of our members of being willing to (un)knowingly ripping others off. However, imagine the following situation. In case of a transaction going bad, there could be major implications for us (the board owners) because we provided the grounds of a fraudulent exchange. Currently, both Megs and I are busy with school, work and other issues and can't see a lawyer for advice regarding how to work out the liability issues. Afterall, this is the internet, and hiding behind a fictitious nickname is easier than finding a Starbucks in downtown NYC. There is a reason why big auction/trade sites make sure you identify yourself properly - there is no way for us to keep track of trader's/seller's/buyer's identities in order to provide some sort of buyer/seller protection, either.

I am sorry that we can't help you guys out officially, I will see if there is another way this could be accomodated, perhaps on a private invite-only basis for long-term members. I will keep you posted.