Swanky's new Chanel - Part Deux!

  1. Alrighty then!:lol:
    Here she is! I LOOOOOOOVE her sooooooo much!:love:
    As soon as I got this one home I took all the tags off, unlike the last one.
    I was hoping to exchange my Caviar Grand Shopper for something less expensive. . . but I failed miserably!!!:P

    Just went to dinner w/ DH and he didn't even notice it! Doh!
    Here she is, what do you think?
    DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1344.jpg DSCF1346.jpg DSCF1341.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, Swanky. How completely beautiful!
  3. Oh wow, Swanky, it's lovely! DH may need glasses. ;)
  4. That is gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. OK! This one's a keeper, Swanky! Good job.....
  6. wow she is gorgeous! i approve! and don't worry men never notice anything...
  7. ^ i was actually glad! LOL!
    No grilling me about tonight. . . . tomorrow he'll notice it and ask all the wrong questions. . . how much was it? . . .
  8. It is absolutely gorgeous! When I returned the Chanel shoulder bag the other day I tried that bag on and almost bought it. If I wasn't picking up the Ferragamo bag that day I would have splurged on that bag too! Congrats!
  9. Awww sooo gorgeous!! Love it! ;)
  10. Congrats, I have the same one and LOVE it.:biggrin:
  11. It's gorgeous! You have great taste :smile:
  12. SWANKY, the bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!:love: ENJOY IT!!!
  13. Very nice. Mind posting some pics w/ it on? Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  14. Fabulous!!!:love:
  15. So gorgeous!