Swanky's Beginner Collection **UPDATED!**

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  1. I went to Neiman's today and bought the Batignolles Horizontal I've been pining over . . . I LOVE this bag - it's just right for me size/shape wise. While putting away my Gucci I stopped and snapped a pic of my bags in my closet.
    I'm actually thinking about eBaying that Gucci now:wondering

    adding new photos. . . will add more later at end of thread!

    the white bag is a Vintage Ligne Tote in dark white from Chanel.
    the black wallet is a Paris New York Ligne zipper wallet from Chanel.
    the black bag on far right in Chanel group photo is the Luxury Flap in Metallic Black frlom Chanel.

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  2. Great collection, Swanky!
  3. Good collection! I like the burberry wallet!
  4. love your bags!!
  5. Love your Gucci..and the batignolles too...nice collection
  6. Like the batignolles and the gucci! Why are you thinking of getting rid of it?
  7. Love the purses and the animal print! is that the carpet?
  8. Nice! Love the new LV :love:
  9. Very nice. Love the leopard rug! The Vuitton is beautiful.
  10. Keep the gucci! Love the Batignolles.
  11. Very Nice collection !
  12. Yeah! When we moved into this house I had that carpeting put in my master closet and on the stairs in my house!
    You know I need swanky carpet! ROFL!:lol:
    I LOVE that carpet!
    admission: I saw MTV Cribs w/ Kimora & Russell Simmons and her closet was TDF!!! Now I just need a couple of chandeliers in there and I'm good! LOL! {seriously though!}

    I may sell the Gucci because I don't really feel a need to hang onto things anymore.
    The red Kate Spade is actually one of 2 diaper bags that I have by her, then all 3 of those 3 totes { Gucci, Burberry, Vuitton} are all about the and shape.
    Obviously I have a default to that size and shape of bag . . . . I'd like to get a Gucci hobo instead or a Kooba or IF.
  13. Nice collection, Swank! Love the gucci!
  14. Great collection! Almost purchased the same Gucci in the fall...why are you thinking about getting rid of it? The reason I didn't buy it was that I felt it was too "saggy", that it wasn't as structured as I thought it would be.
  15. Thanks!
    Just have too many similar bags compared to the number I have. All of them are them same really w/ a different logo.
    And there's SO many other fab bags!
    The Gucci doesn't sit up by itself really, but sits up perfectly when leaned against something. I have that giant Burberry wallet, travel wipes and otehr things in it and it's not sagging yet.