swankymama, thank you

  1. but i am no longer interested in your marketplace or your forum.
    you have SO much to learn, child!
    Ladies, thanx for the fun!!!
    Good luck and good bye,
  2. Whoa, what's that about?
  3. i was thinking that but figured no one would tell us so i didn't bother asking. let's see if you get an answer.
  4. Angie? Angie? ????
  5. i am here darlin!
    for now!!!
    Today there was a gorgeous rouge H 31 bolide in a luscious soft togo 5K in nyc Hermes!!
  6. kind of a dramatic post, no
  7. nope!
    not when u read the "marketplace" thread I started!!!
  8. I'm with you.
  9. I'm confused...
  10. I don't understand either, but I read the post she was talking about and I dont see what anyone did wrong.
  11. I'm confused too. I read and posted in that thread, and Swanky was basically just reiterating Vlad's words (which he has posted several times about this kind of stuff)
  12. You want to PM a Mod or Admin about an issue you're having?

    I closed that post and it looks like this one needs to be closed too.

    Vlad has a thread and invited ALL comments about the MP to be asked/commented on there.
    He doesn't want a dozen floating thread sabout it.
    If you have a problem, please take it to PM, not in public.
  13. also, since this isn't Hermes relates, I'll move it to General Discussion and allow you an opportunity to explain before we close it.
  14. arcangel,

    I'm glad people like you are kept out of the marketplace!
    P.S. If you pick on Swanky, I will spank you.
  15. :yes: You are so right on that one! We gotta stick up for our Mods who do such a great job keeping order!:biggrin: