1. So-what did you get at the Neiman's Beauty event? Did they still have totes left?
  2. ^^That's why I checked in this morning also. Let us know.
  3. LOL! I'm out of town for a few days. . . barely getting to check in! :sad:

    From Chanel I bought 2 Glossimers a lip pencil and a lipstick {I'll post which ones later when I can look at them} and the tinted moiturizer in Sunlit.
    I picked the red bag w/ that purchase. . . .
    I stashed my loot in my car then came back in for lunch and hit the Phyto counter and bought Defrisant and a few Kiehl's products and scored one more goodie bag, this time in black!
    I'm at my sister's in Okla this weekend and gave her the black tote filled w/ goodies, they don't have NM here.

    LOVE you guys for checking in w/ me and thinking about me!:heart:
  4. WOW!!! You are so lucky!! Enjoy your new beauty goodies! : )
  5. thanks for letting us know. I'm sooo sorry your sister lives in Okla. (only kidding). You sound like me getting the two bags. I love free stuff. I love Kiehl's products also. Their face scrub and their lip stuff.
    I called chanel today and told them to send me the Sunlit. The Bronzelit is too dark. I will blend. Jill scolded me for letting them sell me the Bronzelit but I had just laid out the day before and was kinda dark.
    You will love the moisturizer. Did you get them to give you some samples of their moisturizer and serum? I got tons of samples. Let me know the lipstick shades you bought. I am going to send you a PM.
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