1. what else was in NM this weekend? If Shannon doesn't find that bag, I NEED a replacement... I am so not feeling the darkwhite SV right now, I am just too depressed. You never think things like this can happen to you. I am just happy that I have my darkwhite 2.55.... the color is sooo amazing.... I guess it wasn't meant to be (I am so glad I have it in black at least.... I LOVE that bag)

    I feel like it is cursed :crybaby:
  2. The boutique was FULL! There was a lot from the Outdoor Ligne, lots of jewelry, some pony hair items, lots of MM . . .
    which bag is she trying to locate for you again?
    What else specificaly are you looking for? Maybe it'll jog my memory!
  3. Get the Outdoor! It's only $1625 for the boxy tote style. That's like a sale!!
  4. ^LMBO! We're so freakin' warped!
  5. Fed Ex lost/stole the same one you have.... darkwhite SV. I still want a brown outdoor, cloudy bundle tote, and modern chain.....
  6. She should be able to locate a brown outdoor if it is not available in her stock... : )
  7. :yes: which brown outdoor? I may have seen it.
  8. brown outdoor tote!!!
  9. The boxy tote. Looks like this in brown (maxter's pic).
  10. Yes!! In brown.. does it scratch easily??? If it does... then I will just wait for a cloudy bundle!!!
  11. Jap, I haven't held the Outdoor and DS bags side by side, but I have used my DS bag several times...no scratching...the leather seems similar to the Outdoor.
  12. It doesn't scratch like the distressed calfskin will.
    I didn't see any totes, but honestly the shop was so full, she couldn't possibly have everything out. She said they received a huge shipment last week.
  13. I was told one was distressed caviar and one was calfskin, but they look the same to me.... I guess I have to make a decision soon.. I am still soo angry about this fed ex situation!!
  14. I think the Outdoor and DS are made of the same leather (grained calfskin). When I get my bag tomorrow I plan to do a scratch test in a discreet place. Scratches usually rub out with a finger or a little bit of Appleguard conditioner. All depends if you want to put up with doing it or not. It is par for the course with some Chloe leather (Silverado especially).
  15. CAn you let me know?? thanks!!