Swanky Mama!! Do You Have A New Puppy???

  1. Hello!!!!

    I am sorry if I missed it and this is a something already discussed, BUT what is that adorable little thing in your new avatar???:love:
  2. haha, i was wondering the exact same thing! It's so cute!

    tell us more, swanky! :yes:
  3. I keep thinking: What is that little critter?
  4. I was thinking gerbil or hamster. It doesn't look like a dog in that pic. I've never seen a puppy that young before though.
  5. That's kind of along the lines I'm thinking.
  6. Isn't it cute!!! It's a newborn puppy!

    KathyD e-mailed a me a whole page of adorable animal pics!
    He's not mine!
  7. It so fits with the pink in your name!
  8. Here he is full size and a few others:
  9. Chag - isn't it the sweetest thing!? I can almost smell his milky baby breath!:love:
  10. ^^^ awwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute!
  11. awwwwwwwwwww!! so cute! :love: :love: :love:
  12. PUPPIES!? You want puppies!? :P Here's my pup when she was four weeks old (at the breeder's house) with my stepdaughter. She's now five years old and weighs six pounds!



  13. These pics are so adorable! I especially love the Boston Terriers in the bowl.

    Roo, your baby is adorable! I remember when my pug was that little, about the size of a Beanie Baby, and now she's about 15 pounds!:love:
  14. Post some pics! I want PUPPIES on Friday!!! :yahoo: