swanky mama ! About that python purse...

  1. With the tassel . You mentioned it was to be made in lmtd. no's .. do you know how many ?
  2. NO, but very limited I know. In fact, my boutique in Dallas was only getting one or two adn I expressed some interest so they made sure to sneak a couple extra so they'd have one in each color for me to see.
    The Chanle boutique SA, the NM SA and the Chanel rep that hosted the trunk show all 3 said it would become a collector's item because of it's limited production.

    That bag is SO fine, I want one SOOO bad!:yes:
  3. Its GORGEOUS... Saks NYC has a few!!
  4. I think this is the bag my SA is trying to talk me into. I am leaning towards the patchwork for everyday wear and she likes the python as an 'itemy' type bag. I will have to see it and then judge.

    Swanky, what did it look like and it what colors and price?
  5. I saw a purply black one that was about the size of the classic flap... I don't know the price... but if I knew that kids wouldn't destroy the bag.. I would buy it in an instant... Children and skins do NOT mix!!
  6. It's pretty small but POWERFUL!:love:
    The tassel is substantial, very posh and it tucks up perfectly under your arm, at about elbow length.

    It's $2995 I think, but SO worth it, it's really a special bag.
    Please know that I usually DO NOT like exotics like this at all. I pick it up just playing then looked in the mirror and pretty much refused to put it down!:lol:

    Not kidding :shocked:

    It comes in a lot of colors surprisingly, but all are VERY discreet.
    I think I saw purple, but it had a lot of green in it too, then there's a red and a black I believe. Honestly, the colors are subtle, they're all neutral IRL.
    The skin was also very substantial, not delicate feeling at all.:love:

    This is the one bag I'd love to try and justify:girlsigh:
  7. Anyone see the python tote?
  8. TOTE?!?!?! OMG... there is a tote?!?!
  9. OMGosh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And at $14k it should be! LOL!

    It was seriously tricked out though, coin wallet, and tons of pockets. . . it was SO sweet!
  10. From the Nordstrom PDF pics...

    A33018 Y042688
    $4995 (Yikes! But could be amazing...or 3/4 of a Birkin!)

    Dk Beige
    Dk Green

    The shape looks cerf-esque... Waiting for a report...LOL... No python sold in CA...
  11. I'm posting pics . . . stand by . . .
  12. It must be really small. . . the one I fondled was Cerf-esque and was $13 or 14k!!!
  13. Okay, the Flap is $2875 and the small tote is $4995
    Just for kicks, the cuff is $895 and the ring is $225,
    the HOT pumps are $1090:heart:

    As I mentioned above, there's also a B I G python tote in the $13-14k range.
  14. Every time I see these python numbers, they KILL me. They're so hot hot hot. Why doesn't money rain from the sky so I can have the whole set?
  15. i've been drooling over that cerf-like python tote. it looks perfect!
    too bad about python in cali though!!!
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