Swanky, did you return your red MC?

  1. Just curious if you decided to keep it or not.

    I'm having buyers remorse over my red MC flap. I really think it's too small. I'm considering returning, and graduating up to the one you have. *or had.

    How do you feel about the size of your MC to your grand shopping tote?

    I have the grand shopping tote, and love the size--I don't want anything too much bigger than that. I've seen the pics, but am more interested to know howt he bag "feels" on.
  2. I returned it, there's a thread about it.
    I also only had that Grand Shoping Tote less than a week, it had gold hardware and I only wear silver. . .
    The M/C is just so different structure-wise.
    I LOVED the M/C but realized that it's too unstructured for me personally.
    If I were to fill it up, it'd probably be fine, but there's no way I'd fill it up.
    Also, it is kind of a single compartment kind of bag, I mean there's pockets, but not 'sections'. KWIM?
    The GST is very structured, it stands on it's on when you set it down and there's 2 large compartments and a smaller central zippered one.
    I like that organization feature about it.

    But like I said, they're just 2 totally different bags.
    The M/C is more stylish and casual and the GST is more classic and slightly dressier.

    The bag felt fine on, about like the GST, but it's a bigger bag overall IMO.

    Any of this make sense?