Swank actually patronized Hermes today!

  1. On a whim I decided it was buy a new fragrance day:p
    I sauntered over to the Hermes counter @ NM and had a hard time choosing but finally settled on

    I also liked Celeche and Elixir des Merveilles:love:
  2. :woot: Way to go Swanky. Enjoy!!
  3. you know..chanel might be great and everything....BUT.....first it´s the scent, then the scarfes than you are an hermes addict,....;))

    welcome to the orange site!
    The kelly caleche is another must have in my opinion...
  4. I love their fragrances and maybe a bracelet, but the bags are still not my style. . .
    do they ever introduce anything new for those of us who aren't right for their classic bags?
  5. Way to go , Swanky! That is one of my fav frangrances!
  6. Nil is a gorgeous scent; excellent choice Swanky!:tup:
  7. Cool Swanky well done

    And yes not everyone likes Hermes and thats cool too, It would be boring if everyone liked the same thing
    I like (shu ne ell ) bags alot too :smile:
  8. Sur le nil is one of my fav, such a lovely scent:flowers: Enjoy!
  9. I'm wearing Sur Le Nil today (Sample from Sephora). Great choice! My SO loves it and I bet your DH will too!

    As far as non-classic bags..... what about an Evelyne or Picotin? Hang out here long enough and we WILL convert you. They did it to me! :graucho: With much style I might add.

    hey, you ARE right for their classic bags....we just need to find you the right combo! *sucking swanky down into the Orange spiral!*

    What colours do you like???? he, he, he........
  11. ^^Hear, hear! Do I see a 32cm rouge HAC in Swanky's future? *peers into crystal ball* Hmm. Crystal ball says Blue Jean.

    And Hennaria is right.. I have Kelly Caleche perfume and the bath gel from a down-under RAOK sweetie and I'm addicted to the scent!
  12. swanky....what a great choice...it's one of my faves!
  13. Congratulations!!! That is a great fragrance.....have you had a look at the small leather goods?? They are great "gateway" items, LOL!
  14. Congratulations ~ a step towards the orange side.
  15. Congratulations!!! That's my favorite perfume -- it's great to add a bit of orange to your life.