SWaks vs Saks Off 5th?

  1. Meant to type Saks, oops.

    Are the bags any different at Off 5th, in other words, defective, marked with anything distinctive, etc?
  2. None what-so-ever! I've gotten many of my bags at Off Fifth or Neiman Marcus last call. They are just bags that didn't sell out in their stores. Sometimes-they aren't as great of deals as you can get on the website. My Marc Jacobs was still $600 and it only started out at $1000. If you waited on the website with a code- you might have gotten it cheaper. Neiman Last Call rarely do coupons, while Sasks often has 30% off. I got my two Koobas there, and my Carlos Falchi doctor's bag there. Some online stores still have the Carlos bag at full price at $665-I paid half that-so I feel like it's worth shopping there! :yes:
  3. Actually, with some Last Calls if you get on their mailing list (snail mail, not email), they send you some really good coupons. In February they sent me one for 50% off the regular NMLC price of any one item. Unfortunately, I was working too much this month to get there. :sad:
  4. Depending on the Off Fifth locations thought they migh not get good shipments of bags. Like the ones by my house they only have those Prada nylons and Cole Haans.
  5. Amen. The stuff at the Gurnee Mills Off 5th is pretty sad. However, I did buy some really nice wine glasses there last week. :p
  6. I have found good deals at both! I prefer to shop the online deals at Saks... but when there's a coupon for Off 5th, I just have to go check it out!!!