Swagger Quilted Tote

  1. Comes in black and brown. 1350. What do you think? :yes:

  2. I saw this bag in black at my local NM and I was really disappointed. The quilted portions of the bag are PVC!!! The rest of the bag is buffalo leather though. Anyways, it was really big and cumbersome. But I've heard that the bag comes in two sizes. I definitely saw the large size. It was "divided" up into three compartments like the Blake and Hudson. But I was NOT impressed by the bag. It was just too bulky and that PVC was really turning me off!
  3. Yeah, I was wondering about the shiny part. I think BG has the smaller size. The style is nice though. Too bad the quilted part is not lambs leather.
  4. I think the contrast in the stock photos is too striking for me. Not one of my fave's.
  5. I love it! I don´t mind the pvc at all.
  6. I think its a really pretty bag
  7. I love the knotted look to the handles...would love the see this IRL.
  8. i guess you need a swagger to pull this one off, imo. it's just very BOLD.
  9. I think this is such a cool looking bag, I love the contrast.