SW Wisconsin Girls? We're in Trouble

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  1. The closest outlet or boutique is a good 4 hrs away from me. Yes, we have dept stores etc but the closest to me is 2 hrs. On my trip to madison today I see the Tanger outlet in Wisconsin Dells.

    They're opening a Coach outlet in late july!!!

    Bad Bad Bad. I'm there on their opening day darnit :biggrin:
  2. :yahoo:I've been to the Tanger Outlet Mall and I had no idea they were opening a Coach outlet! Hurray! I usually go to Pleasant Prairie near the Illinois border, but that's a good 2 hours or more from me. WI Dells is much closer! Keep me posted on opening day if you find out when it is!
  3. I sure will! Where are you located? Maybe we can meet up on opening day and fight over bags, lol.:nuts:
  4. I'm squarely in the middle of nowhere! I'm a little east of Portage. It is exciting to have an outlet coming nearer to me, because otherwise I get to an outlet once in a blue moon. If they don't have anything good, it is a wasted trip. Now I can visit much more often!

    You are in SW WI? Where was the closest outlet to you? Still Pleasant Prairie or is there one closer?
  5. I'm located between La Crosse and Madison, so the closest outlet to me is actually Albertsville MN. I've never been to Pleasant Prairie! Albertsville is about 3 hrs while PP is 4...

    But now, 45 min baby! Woot!
  6. Hey WI girls! I am SO excited to hear there will be a new outlet coming our way. I used to go to the pleasant prairie outlet, but they are a signature free outlet, so hopefully this new one will be a bit different. I can't wait!!!! We'll all have to meet up there and get our shop on! :smile:
  7. Yup, both of the outlets I go to are signature free. I'd love to meet up with you other wi. girls on opening day! Where are you located?
  8. I am in Sheboygan, but have no problem with a little bit of travel ;) especially for a new Coach outlet LOL

    (for those of you who have no clue where Sheboygan is, I am about 45 minutes north of Milwaukee)
  9. Wisconsin Girls, Sounds your headed for Good Trouble! Enjoy your new outlet. Please take pics of all your treasures:graucho:
  10. I am a MN girl, only about 20 minutes from the Albertville outlet . . . but I will be going to WI Dells and Chicago this summer and would love to check out a new outlet. So please post opening dates when you know them!