Svetty's growing collection

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  1. I started collecting bags a couple of years ago so my collection is just beginning to grow! Its not as glamourous as some collections i have seen here, but its my little start :smile: Thank you all for watching!!!
    DSC07705-vi.jpg DSC07706-vi.jpg DSC07707-vi.jpg DSC07708-vi.jpg DSC07709-vi.jpg
  2. More bags:smile:
    Speedy, Marc jacobs, LV, prada, Gucci
    DSC07710-vi.jpg DSC07711-vi.jpg DSC07712-vi.jpg DSC07713-vi.jpg DSC07716-vi.jpg
  3. and some more...LV priscilla, Fendi , Chloe, Balenciaga, Gucci messenger
    DSC07717-vi.jpg DSC07718-vi.jpg DSC07719-vi.jpg DSC07720-vi.jpg DSC07721-vi.jpg
  4. Last but not latest addition Chanel
  5. Ooooh but every piece is fabulous, lovely collection !
  6. Wow...they are all so..pretty! I love the new Chanel!!
  7. very nice pieces you have! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Love the spy...gorgeous.....
  9. love your paddy and the b-bag.. great items you got there..
  10. woow
    great start!
    i really love ur bag collection...u have the best of the best...congrats
    cant wait to see ur next bag...:smile:
  11. Thank you everybody for your kind words, its so great that i can share my obsessions and EVERYONE understands them here:smile:)

    I dont think it will be long till my next purchase :shame:
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the spy and the chanel
  13. nice!
  14. Every single bag is GORGEOUS!!!:love: You have great taste, dear!!!:graucho:
  15. I love every single one of your bags! Great choices! WOW! I am especially loving your Chole's. Thanks for sharing:flowers:
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