Suzie's 1st Hermes & Holy Grail, both at the same time!!


Nov 12, 2006
The land of Oz
Here is a little history on my saga:

I have been waiting for this special reveal since the 14th of March when I purchased this bag. I was on the look out for my grail and also 1st Hermes (might as well do them both at the one time), I wanted an exotic Kelly in 28 sellier in either crocodile, alligator or ostrich, because I thought if I may only ever have one it will be the big kahoona. I missed out on a gorgeous alligator bag a few months ago by only an hour so I was pretty bummed but I thought hang in there.
When I stumbled across this bag in the early hours I thought that it was fate because it was born the same year as me (1962), crocodile (tick) 28 cm (tick) rigide (tick) black (tick) and with the help of a few fabulous tPF members (you know who you are) I got the OK to go ahead (I jumped the gun and did it anyway, just in case), as it was BIN). Then came the saga of the CITES certificate and the communication from Germany and back and forth, I never thought that it would happen. Then I started to stress about the custom fees which would make this already very expensive bag just a little more expensive. I wanted everything sorted as I didn't want the bag seized by Australian customs.
Anyhow she arrived yesterday some 7 weeks later and would you believe it, the parcel wasn't inspected or even opened.



May 4, 2007
Open her up.....I'm so pleased for you because I know you have been waiting incredibly patiently for your perfect bag