Suzie W's Collection

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  1. She asked me to do the pictures for her, so I did. Enjoy!
    100-0028_IMG.JPG 100-0029_IMG.JPG 100-0030_IMG.JPG 100-0031_IMG.JPG
  2. More pictures:
    100-0032_IMG.JPG 100-0033_IMG.JPG 100-0034_IMG.JPG 100-0035_IMG.JPG
  3. Finally:
    100-0037_IMG.JPG 100-0038_IMG.JPG 100-0040_IMG.JPG
  4. first of all.... THANK YOU VLAD!:biggrin:

    i couldn't have done it with out you!

    and to all you ladies out there.....

    here are my obsessions....:love: :love: :love:
  5. Looks more than just an obsession to me. There is bags worth more than a 4 bedroom loft on NYC's Madison Ave! Hehe
  6. Lol! WOW! What a collection! Very nice. :love:
  7. whoa! that's one SERIOUS lv collection there. i am totally jealous! i love your manhattan gm, cerises speedy, and vernis pieces! beautifullllllllllllll! :smile:
  8. omg! wow! great collection! does edmonton LV even have all that? now i know where all their stock went! hehe..i was there last year and it looked to empty and small! but great collection! *drool*
  9. OMG! Can I come live at your house??? :nuts:
  10. I think they are running out of LV canvas in Paris! Help!
  11. WOW:love: :love: :love:
  12. Nice! :biggrin: I really like your pink B bag :biggrin:
  13. WOW - what a beautiful LV collection :smile: - I too would love to come to your house and live in your closet LOL
  14. That is one serious LV collection. I'm so impressed!
  15. Beautiful collection, you should use these pics for insurance purposes....I'm serious