Suzie' Collection

  1. I used to think how could people spend so much money on handbags and thought that I would never do it. I have commented to a few people how nice their bags were and a couple have said oh it's fake, only cost me $20 in Thailand, China etc. If I couldn't have the real thing I would rather have nothing. So a few months ago I was walking past Gucci in Sydney and they had a sale, so I bought my first desginer bag and while I was there the 85th collection had just come out and I saw the most georgeous bag and HAD to have it. So here are my 2 bags. I am going to buy myself another bag for Xmas but I am tossing up on whether to buy a Christian Dior Gaucho bag in black or an LV bag. I want to use the new one for everyday use but can't make up my mind.
    Suzie's Handbags 011.jpg
  2. Lovely bags :smile:
  3. what a nice burgundy color.
  4. Thank you but now I am thinking I should have bought a more practical colour like black or brown. Ah well, I will have to save up and buy myself a practical bag for Xmas.
  5. Aww.. I love the Guccis, they're so cute !
  6. Love that Gucci!
  7. Here are my new additions. This forum is a very bad influence on me!!
    Christian Dior.jpg FirstLv5.jpg GucciEveningBag.jpg
  8. Gorgeous! Love them all... Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Great collection.
  10. very cute! esp love the gucci!
  11. I adore your 85th anniversary Gucci. The color is exquisite! thanks for sharing.
  12. Love your collection! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Very nice! Congrats on your new pouchettes!
  14. Nice collection!!!! LOOOOVE your red Gucci bag!!! :biggrin:
  15. Your collection is great!!! Red Gucci and Dior are my faves!!!:nuts: :love: