Suzanne Sommers house fire

  1. I heard Suzanne Sommers on the phone with Larry King the other night saying that she lost virtually all of her clothes in the recent Malibu house fire this week (along with everything else in her house)...she said she has another home, but keeps all her clothes at the one that burned down. She said she and her husband were gone when the fire started, and she had almost taken a Tom Ford leather jacket she loved with her when she left but she didn't. She said she needs clothes but can't even think of shopping/replacing stuff yet.
    I was just thinking after hearing this....if you had to start all over again with clothes, accessories, etc...what would be the first few things you would buy?:confused1:
  2. underwear of course! hehe....

    second would be clothes
    third - shoes
  3. For my current life-jeans, 1 good pair wool pants, sweaters-I don't have much but at the moment I couldn't replace most of it at the same level-my leather jacket, for example. This fire (all fires) are terrible, regardless of how much or how little you have-luckily she can raid her own clothing line-when there are fires down here, people donate their extras-you literally have nothing-I wish them (Suzanne and husband) well!
  4. I forgot to say what I would buy first:
    A couple pairs of jeans, underwear, a warm coat (it's only 20 some degrees here today!), a pair of pjs, a couple of nice sweaters and of course some shoes! And, a lovely handbag!
    I wish Suzanne and her husband the best too, that's right, she does have her own clothing line so that should help!
  5. She hawks enough stuff on QVC or HSN, I am sure they can ship her a box over.