1. doesn't the Burberry Haymarket Satchel look suspiciously like the LV alma bag???

  2. it doesn't look like an alma to me

  3. sorry,

    I had uploaded the wrong pic b4.

    The real one is up now
  4. It does! How creative lol
  5. very similar. that style has been around for a long time.
  6. not really similar....................more like identical

    :s >:throwup: >:nogood:
  7. they are tres tres similar
  8. they all copy from each other. some more than others. that's just the way it is.
  9. sooo sad. :tdown:
  10. I don't think burberry copied from LV. I think both LV and Burberry copied the Hermes Bolide. But whatever. They are all somewhat different. You can't copyright a shape (hobo, messenger, etc are all shapes common across all brands. This is just another example).
  11. heh heh funny thing, i actually saw one of these IRL the day that i got my wallet from LV and i actually had to take a second look just to make sure my eyes weren't going bad on me :wacko:. it's a nice bag for what it is, but it's no LV ;)
  12. I actually think its pretty cute --- the no vachetta is appealing!!
  13. Way, way back in the day (1995, to be exact) when Dooneys were all about All Weather Leather, my dh bought me one with the exact same shape as the Alma. I remember it was $300. I loved that bag -- it's now somewhere in the back of my closet.
  14. ha you know what else is funny? PLAYBOY has been copying Lv's styles- Ive seen the alma, mini hl, deauville, speedy, and the list goes on.. they are hideous :yes:
  15. it's a cute bag even if it's not lv ;p