Suspicious seller?

  1. I had these bags saved on my watch list b/c Bulga bags are one of my absolute favorite bags. Today I noticed that some already had a few bids already so the prices are no longer as low anymore, but I was still interested. I decided to click to see who was bidding, and I noticed on ALL these auctions and JUST these auctions by this particular seller that they are all being bid on my someone w/ zero feedback. I mean all of them are being bidded on by the same bidders w/ zero feedback. Is this suspicious? Should I stay away??
  2. Hi BabyK

    I know nothing at all about Bulga, other than I like the crescent bag.

    It certainly looks very suspicious doesn't it.

    The private bidder auctions certainly leave the door wide open for this to happen.

    Can suspected shill bidding be reported to eBay?
  3. It's either shill bidding, or perhaps an unscrupulous bidder. In either case, I'd stay away for now.
  4. That's very true about the private bidder auctions. I think I'm just going to take Lorihmatthew's advice and stay away for now. It's too suscipious. There are other bulga auctions but yet the zero feedback bidders are not bidding on those but just these.
  5. The seller doesn't have much experience in selling either.
    Better be safe than sorry.
  6. Definitely stay away.
    The first two auctions have the same Bidder 1. you can tell if you hover your mouse cursor over bidder 1, make a note of the feedback, %, etc. It is the same as the second item.
    As for the other auctions, the same few IDs are going around placing bids.
    As mentioned by Lorih, it might be shill bidding (artificial bidding).
  7. Yup, I'd avoid these auctions as well.
  8. I didn't know about the cursor thing, thanks! I've already deleted these from my watch list. There are other Bulgas auctions on eBay anyway.... that are more trustworthy!
  9. They should be reported as shill bidders, That way if more than you report them ebay will look and cancel. eBay rarely cancels an auction with only one report on and item. It usually takes 3.
  10. Thanks for that, I wondered what it takes for EBay to remove stuff.

    There have been several of us reporting a :cursing: for selling fake Chloes in lots of 10.

    Not only did it manage to survive the first round, it has been relisted, and reported again and it is still sat there.

    I am :cursing: with EBay.
  11. :roflmfao: LOLOLOL I really hope it was shill bidding by the seller, because they have won the first two items.

    Priceless. :yahoo: Best laugh I have had for a while.
  12. How odd, you can now see Bidders id's.

    The same 0 feedback is highest bidder on the two last ones, also.

    Either a gut for Bulga bags or can't bear to part with them, and so buy them yourself.