Suspicious Jade Carly Auctions

  1. Where do I post these? This is WEIRD. So I'm obsessing about the jade Carly and type that in my search for eBay and these two come up. And I don't know if I've posted them in the wrong forum, but check out these two sellers and you all tell me if this seems fishy to me, like as in hijacked accounts. Check out the feedback, and the length of time the accounts have been opened etc. Very strange indeed!
  2. They're both using stock photos. They both have low/no feedback from CA. I would not bid. A couple years ago, i placed a bid on a stock photo and the bag did not exist at all. Fortunately, between paypal and my bank all the seller funds were seized. :hs: happens!

    Maybe this should have gone to the "Authenticate this thread" not sure. It's just a bad auction!
  3. If your wanting to purchase def ask for lots of pictures!!
  4. The Carly is one of the highest faked Coach's on eBay right now (esp the Signature).
  5. The second one definitely does look like a hijacked account. the account is OLD with no activity. I'm going to see if i can follow the 'report this item' link and report itas potential hijacked accts.

    Edit: I reported the second one as suspected fraudulent and in the reasoning I put suspect hijacked account. For the first one, I emailed seller asking him to post pics of acutal bag . Either way don't bid on either of these.
  6. I agree. Both look funny to me. Almost no activity on both accounts, both in CA, both at 99.99, using stock photos, just weird.
  7. Just post auctions like this in the authenticate this thread if you aren't sure if they are fake, to get opinions, or in the worst fake thread if you're pretty sure they are fake and you want others to report the auction.
  8. The auctions are suspicious. I don't see how this could be authenticated with just a stock photo like that. I would say just avoid that auction and good looking out.
  9. You guys-where should I post these two bags. The return policies are worded exactly the same too! I'm concerned these people are going to get the shaft!!!
  10. You could try eBay live help. Sometimes they'll actually listen LOL. I'd definitely point out to live help that it looks like two hijacked accounts w/the same merchandise, descriptions, etc.
  11. Report these as hijacked accounts ASAP! I agree with the above poster on eBay live help, because if you email eBay, they might just ignore it, KWIM? One auction even has a bidder!