1. eBay suspended me today!! I was shocked, and when I found out why, I was even more shocked: for shill bidding............................ 3 years ago! Three years ago when I didn't even know it was against their policy, I helped my friend "up" the price on some lame less-than-$100 item she was selling. Of course, now that I'm experienced I know it's wrong but I haven't done it since! Anyways, in the email they mentioned that I was caught shilling with her account AND.............(get ready for this)...................... 2 other members whom I've never heard of! This is ludicrous! Has eBay gone MAD?? :wtf:
  2. Three years ago!?!?! Unreal! I've been of more and more people getting suspended without adequate proof of whatever "crimes" they committed against ebay...that sux so bad. What makes me so mad is that there are so many 'fraudulent' sellers out there...who's watching their sales while the ebay police are busy suspending the 'good' ones? So frustrating... :cursing:

  3. Oh I am so sorry! Ebay is just getting worst!
  4. That's brutal! Fake sellers everywhere and this is what they focus on...
  5. Wow...that's crazy!!
  6. Man that's just crazy! How long is your account suspended or can you not sell anymore? Can you argue it?
  7. They said it's for a minimum of 7 days. I swear if it's closed a MINUTE longer they will have a strongly worded letter coming their way. What's really making me furious is that it happened early this afternoon, and I have since emailed the security team TWICE and have gotten no reponse. So for now I can't bid or sell, which I can live with, it just really stinks.

    They have the audacity to keep sending me the annoying "Daily Status" and "Act Now! Item Ending Soon!" emails even though the entire MyEbay section is closed. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  8. Gosh, that stinks! I have had ebay trouble in the days of most recent. It's getting to be a bit ridiculous. Good luck girlie. Keeps us posted please!
  9. Ouch! That does add insult to injury. :yucky: Sorry this has happened to you. Please do let us know when your account is restored.
  10. I'm sorry about your account btw may you know from whom or where eBay noticed that's the bidder is you??
  11. sorry to hear that. i remember a year ago when ebay suspended my ID too because of "SHILL BIDDING" in which i dont even know the person behind the ID that they said im connected with. til now i cant register an account using my name...
  12. Not only is shill bidding prohibited on ebay, but it is also a crime in many states and, as such, the statutes of limitations vary. So, I apologize if this sounds harsh, but I think anyone who shills bids should be sanctioned. This is meant for the OP--not the poster immediately above. Of course, you should be sanctioned for the shill bidding you actually did, even if it were 3 years ago, and not for the shill bidding you didn't do (perhaps your friend used your ID to help some of her other friends commit crime, in which case you become responsible for the bids made on your ID)--that is weird. But shill bidding is not a victimless crime. It's a form of fraud. I'm glad that you now understand that it was wrong. But it wasn't clear from your post that you realized that it may also be a form of crime with real victims. Sorry to have to say this...
  13. :shrugs:
    btw may you know how eBay can detect it? I mean how eBay know that's our friend, etc and we do shill bidding?
  14. Question, was your friend's account suspended too? And I wonder about the other two accounts, because they may have been completely innocent in this. It's a shame that it happen so long ago and now you know better. I understand ebay cracking down on stuff, but they have been targeting the wrong people I think. I still see so many blatent fakes on ebay all the time. =(
  15. I totally agree with what your saying but she didnt konw it was against the law or Ebay at the time. Ebay should do their freakin jobs and monitor when it happens...not 3 years later. That's rediculous.