Suspended for Shill Bidding!

  1. :cursing: I know this has happened to some of you ladies, and I need to VENT! I am so upset right now.

    I logged into my eBay account today to check on a Coach bag I was selling, and it said I was SUSPENDED FOR SHILL BIDDING! The situation is, I was selling an LV coin purse, and my sister (who I DON'T live with) wanted to buy it from me. She's very young, doesn't have much money, and I told her, "It's a limited edition, I could get a ton of money for this which I really need, so just save your money and buy something cute rather than spending it all on my coin purse." Well, she was stubborn and decided to bid on it when I put it up on eBay...I ended up selling to someone else, but now I am suspended.

    I am so depressed because I had so much interest in the bag I was selling, especially from a couple other TPF members that I would have loved to pass the bag onto, and it was supposed to end tomorrow. Now I have no way of selling that bag and I really need the money! Grrrrr.. :crybaby:
  2. Oh goodness, I wonder how they connected her account to yours when you dont have the same address?
  3. weird indeed. . . there's nothing that connects you 2 as far as IP addy, e-mail addy, etc. . . .
  4. Maybe both accounts were started on the same computer and they linked the IP addresses?

    I'm not really sure - that was just a guess
  5. i know!

    at first when i saw the title and the unhappy face i thought isn't it bad though?

    did you try and contest this with eBay? or see why they're suspending you b/c of 'shilling'

    it might be a mistake.
  6. I haven't heard this actually happening to anyone before.
  7. Is it possible to find out how they know? Strange....
  8. Well that's stupid. There isn't a rule against selling to someone you know, as far as I know..
  9. it's not. . . .
  10. there IS a rule about selling to family members. the same thing happened to me a long time ago when I was in a transaction with someone back east and we had the same last name. NO relation, we just both have common irish last names. we got it worked out and both of us got reinstated quickly. It sure is frustrating.
  11. i thought something was up- i went to go do a bin on it and it wasn't there! i was so excited to be getting something from a pf'er, too.

    so sorry this happened- that sucks!
  12. that is so weird...
  13. Apparently I can't even contact eBay until the 7-day suspension period passes, and then they decide if they wanna extend the suspension and whatnot. I am sooo frustrated with eBay!!!!!
  14. Ebay = headache :yucky:
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your problem with ebay..:sad: hopefully you will be reinstated after the 7 day period. :yes: