Suspended and cant get it relieased, so depressed trying !


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Dec 5, 2006
Read this to get the jest : i have sent this email over 20 times and just get the same answer back, automated rubbish and no real resolve

Dear Ebay

I hope you can help me with a problem that i cant resolve by email, i have sent over 50 emails to try and sort this out but all i get is the same answer and am getting no where.
Ita is refrence to my account ; xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
This account was suspended because there was an outstanding fee on it, i have not used that account for over 3 years and was un-aware of any problem with it,
even more so i even forgot it even exsisted, please check your records to confirm it has not been used for the stated time, you will see i am telling the truth.
Now because i forgot like most people that i had an account already, being over 3 years since i last used it, once only ! i set up a new account : xxxxxxxxx, this account has been running fine for over 18 months and all fees paid by direct debit via paypal,
i also own accounts xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx, the later being the last account i set up, and has not been used yet.
All accounts are on direct fee payment and set up for paypal so theres no problem with fee payments.
Now my problem, because account xxxxxxxxx was suspended and i did not know it was still active all my main use accounts have also been suspended, i
have resolved the fee problem quickly with xxxxxxxxx account but all my account are still suspended even tho i have sent over 50 emails expaning i did not know of any problem with the account xxxxxxxx and did not know it was still active, also i feel its unfare that you do all this some three years on, the fee in question was three years old, so it took you three years to decide to deal with it ?
All you had to do was email me at the xxxxxxxxxx account and i could have paid there and then rather than have to go through all this, i feel i am being treated unfair all round as as i said i was un-aware that account xxxxxxxx was still active and had a problem.
I have paid the outstanding fee on xxxxxxxxxx but you will still not reliese my accounts for up to 12 months as you say in your emails, if this is the case then you can say goodbye to any future buissness from me, i will no longer use paypal and will start using Ebid instead, i have been a loyle customer to you and have always paid my fees by direct debit and on time but am now being penalised for a over site of an account i thought had been removed.
If you were an understanding company you would see what i am saying and agree and reliese my accounts so i can carry on trading and you would still get your fees from me in full.
I hope this can be resolved and all my account re-instated forthwith.

All i keep getting back via email is that i was using an account while one was suspended which is why my account will remain suspended for up to 12 months, once again i will say, i never knew there was a problem with account xxxxxxx as i forgot it even exsisted, hence why it has not been used for so long, please check to confirm i am telling the truth.

Hopefully you will understand what i am saying and resolve this problem.

Thanks for your time.

anyone help here, iam ripping my hair out in fustration now :cursing:

Go to their home page and use the live help button. You will get a real person in real time and they can help you. I used the service before when my account got hijacked and they helped immediately.
Do you know anyone who could help you write to ebay? If they keep saying you have to write them, what you're sending isn't getting through to them. I would write a short letter, make each point no more than 2 sentences, leave out all emotion, and ask for a reply or a telephone #-see if this approach might help-good luck!
Usually the people at ebay are very helpful, have you called them onthe phone or just done live chat? Call them, you might have better luck. I do know that its hard to get a suspended account unsuspended now. I personally havent had issues with suspension but I know others who have. Good Luck.