Suspected Fake............Should I ask?

  1. The other day my husband and I went out with his business partner and his wife. She had (what I think is) a 30cm black clemence Birkin with PHW. The thing is, she has a history of getting fake bags... Every time I see her, she has a new bag, that she admits she ordered from a replica site online. They are various brands such as Tod's, Gucci, etc... mostly "showy" bags.

    We talk about clothes and bags whenever we see eachother, but we aren't "close" enough for me to come right out and ask if this "Birkin" is a fake. She carries it around like it's real, and even said "Dave just bought me a Birkin"!

    The thing is, they have all the money they could want to buy the real thing (she just likes to buy fake so she can have a lot more bags for her money). I just highly doubt he was able to procure one (he's not that nice of a guy just to go out and buy a bag like that). He even tells my husband that he hates why would he buy her a REAL Birkin?

    I have talked with her about Hermes before and how I appreciate their bags (but I don't have a Birkin yet), and I even talked with her about the Birkin... I just can't figure out if she's doing this to spite me, or just because she wants the status (she has low self esteem anyway). How can I figure out if it's fake or not? What would you suspect if this was something you were trying to figure out?
  2. It is frustrating when people you know do the whole fake bag thing. I personally would avoid the topic altogether. From what you've said above, it sounds pretty unlikely to be real, but, any line of questioning might be awkward and I'm not sure it would be productive.
  3. I would say something like, "I've always wanted to get a birkin, but they are so expensive!! I wish I could afford one, and I could never find one. Where did you get yours, and how much did it cost?"
  4. No, you shouldn't ask. First, it is not polite, and more pratically, you don't want to risk offending your DH's business partner.
  5. just let it go and don't let her get under your's a shame to buy fakes...such a waste.
  6. Well, I'm a snarky hag, so I would have just gushed over it like it was a brand new baby and asked to see it, saying that you simply can't wait until you are able to get your own Birkin!

    I'd gush about the craftsmanship, the trademark things that set the bag apart. I'd talk about the special stitching, etc.

    Then, I'd ask so sweetly if I could please hold the bag. :supacool:

    I'd ask the husband if he could share the name of the SA he worked with and jokingly ask him to take my hubby down there and show him how it's done!

    But that just because I think fakes are shameful and bragging about one is even worse. :boxing:
  7. It does not really effect you in anyway, so let it slide.
  8. Frankly, I wouldn't bother doing or saying anything. There's no point. From what you write, I actually feel sorry for her more than anything else......
  9. ^^ I agree the classiest thing to do is ignore it. :heart:
  10. Don't bring it up. And, if you want a Birkin, keep to your goal and you will get a real one!
  11. Dont let someone, whom it seems you dont particularily care for, get under your skin. If she has fake Tod's, she has a fake Hermes. If you really just "have to know", if she brings it up again or if your out and she's carrying it, I would maybe say "I know the birkin is so hard to get, what store did you find it in?" and than she'll most likely fess up especially since she's been honest about her buying fakes before. That question is reasonable and not to prying or acusatory.
  12. ^^ITA. Wise words.
  13. I agree with amamxr, the classiest thing to do is to ignore it.
  14. I wouldn't ask and especially if her husband is a business associate of my husband's then I would be very careful in any comment. She may not tell you the truth anyway, so it just isn't worth it to me to pursue.
  15. ITA.

    i wouldn't even ask anyone if their bag is a fake. i think it's not for me to worry about and if i know their bag is fake, i'll just avoid the topic altogether.