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  1. I'm usually in the LV forum, but I searched on here for a cheap place to buy an authentic spy because my friend was looking for one on eBay and I recommended jomashop based on what I read here. So she ordered it (black spy) and now she tells me that it's definitely fake. She said she pulled up the inner lining and rubbed the insides together and it felt like suede on that truly a sign of a fake? She said she sent it right back and was glad they took returns, but what a hassle....

  2. Everyone else who has posted here about jomashop has only seemed to have had positive experiences. I have not purchased from there but am interested to hear comments on this as both their prices and reputation are very good.
  3. :wtf:
  4. I am really shocked to hear that and would have liked to see more photos of the black spy she purchased to verify non authenticity. Was there anything else that looked wrong with the spy bag?

    For the record, since most of you folks wouldn't want to rip open your spybag to see the insides, here is a brief glimpse of the interfacing -canvas like material glued to the leather - Fendi uses. I am blessed with a spy bag that needs a lining repair:
  5. I haven't ordered from Jomashop, (have been pondering purchasing from them) so I'm really interested to know if they sell real bags or not. However, I would really like to thank Baglady1 for all her information & expertise. I'm fairly new to the Purse Forum and I've noticed that you are very helpful & provide great information. On behalf of a Fendi Spy novice such as myself...thank you! :smile:
  6. It's hard to base authencity on the lining alone, since apparently spy bags have all sorts of different linings depending on what style/color they are.

    I say if you have a doubt, double check obvious things like the hologram and the number tag, feel the outside leather, look at the shape (I saw this horrendous fake that was in a weird shape) and post as many pictures as you can in the Authenticate thread :p

  7. Quite agree Pyrexia, I would love to see pictures of the one she sent back.
  8. Maybe it's hit or miss with jomashop, like perhaps they get authentic goods mixed with fakes and they don't really know? I guess the good thing is that they accept returns, so if you get a miss instead of a hit, you can just return it.
  9. Greaaat! I'm still waiting for my Zucca Spy from Jomashop & now I'm nervous!:s
  10. I wouldn't worry about authenticity. The test your friend ran is certainly not a well known or established test of authenticity, whereas there are plenty that are time-tested and proven, and there is no data on those tests. I've bought from Jomashop and trust them. As horrible as sellers of fakes are, it's just as horrible (if not more) to accuse a seller falsely.

    bagfreak, you clearly have not accused anyone and your post is thoughtful and caring, so this is not directed at you. My comment is only intended to calm the worries of people waiting for shipments from Jomashop. There are many ways to tell a fake from an authentic, and the method bagfreak's friend used is not a reliable one, and no other evidence of fakeness is cited. Since we have no evidence (and without offending anyone, the buyer's pronouncement of fakeness is unconvincing), and the existing evidence that Jomashop sells authentic, I wouldn't write Jomashop off. At this point, I don't even see any basis for assuming that fakes mix in with authentics in Jomashop's inventory. We have seen nothing to support that. It remains a possibility, but I'll believe it only when I see it.
  11. Wish we could have seen pictures....
  12. Thank you! You really put me at ease. I heard so many good things about Jomashop from other PFers & that's why I ordered my Spy from them. But when you hear one negative experience it makes you get a little nervous!
  13. Decophile makes a good point. I can't imagine Jomashop selling a fake and agree that other evidence needs to be examined to confirm whether a spy is authentic or not. Would so have liked to see photos of that bag.

    That being said, I am wondering if the "interface test", as just another tool in the tool box, should be examined on a separate thread to get more data from TPF members? Let me know what you Fendi folks think. I have 5 Fendi authentics in my collection where the test rang true, but I only have leather --nappa bubbly, hard (B Bag) or coated calfskin-- ones.

    I always get concerned that once a method gets established for verifying authenticity, that the producers of fake bags will start mimicking the attributes we test for, so that is one down side to consider.:sad:
  14. I don't think there is only ONE method of checking for authencity. I think most of the time, we base authencity on a series of checklist which we use as a guide.

    About a month ago, I posted an eBay auction about a B.bag that was going for $800 - it had all the works. Hologram, check. Shape, size, leather, check. Lining, check. It looked PERFECT. Sooo close to the real thing. But the thing that sharp-eyed experts saw was that the double F's logo on one of the front buckles was out. (Meaning they didn't face the correct way, as the real ones are). Basically why I'm saying this is because the front buckles aren't usually something we use to determine authencity, but here they made the bag glaringly fake to someone who spotted it.

    No matter how good fakers get, I doubt they will ever be able to get every single detail down flat. Even I didn't spot the wrong buckle at first - so it's very likely they overlooked that. They may be able to fake the hologram etc, but IMO it is very likely they will slip up somewhere else.
  15. I agree with everything you say, Pyrexia, but the direction of the interlocking Fs on the buckles on B Fendis is one of the main ways to check authenticity on that style. The hologram, lining, serial tag and authenticity card are generally what we would look for on all recent Fendis, but within each style there are additional things to look for. On B Fendis, that includes the direction of the interlocking Fs on the buckles, and the shapes of the buckles themselves.
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