Suspcious Seller

  1. I just bought an Isabella Fiorre Shirre handbag for 354.00 with shipping. Okay I used buy it now since the starting bid was like 299.00 and I didn't want to lose the bag since many of the ones I have been stalking were lost :sad: to buy it nows. I paid instantly after I received the bag but made the mistake of sending it to my house address which was missing my apartment. I emailed him first to give him the apartment number but also included my work address if he could mail it there but to please confirm where it would be sent. Never responded. Then I email him again. No response. Finally I left him a testy but polite email citing it was my third attempt. Still no response!!! He is NY city I live in Westchester - 45 minutes away. If he sends it I will probally get it the next day. But then I am thinking maybe he is a scam artists???? Help!!!!!:shrugs: I really want my bag !!!!

    PS he also had a couple of bad feedback which i didn't check since he is % was high now I am scared!!!
  2. Most Sellers will only send to the Confirmed Address Paypal provides.
    To be honest, he may think you're trying to scam since a LOT of scammers ask to change addresses after the fact.
    Maybe he had already mailed it or will ONLY ship to Paypal address.
  3. How much time have you given between emails?

    The seller might have a regular job where they are not in front of a computer all day.
  4. I did it yesterdy gave an day between the first two then emailed himj today - I wasn't asking when he shipped it I just wanted him to make sure the apartment number was on and after seeing all those negatives I panicked. Well looks like he may have some shadyiness since he just repsonded and said he emailed me three times through eBay and I never answer. (A Lie) never got no such email. He then claimed he looked for on aol but I wans't on but I have an aol address but no IM :confused1: He 's scaring me !!!!!
  5. Ask him for a tracking number. He will have to provide it as proof that he sent out the item. If he cannot provide that number, eBay will side with you if you don't receive the bag. Wait a few more days and see what happens.
  6. I will - He better not mess with me :hysteric: :hysteric: My mom who watches my daughter lives in the city - it is a short train ride down there. Don't make have to beat him!!!! LOL. Just kidding. Okay not really but I really wanted this bag. i ahve stalked itfor months. Made room in my closet for it. Planned my summer outfits grrrrrrrrr. It better be here by Monday.
    Shame since I bought a Kooba last week on eBay (real) can you imagine and it was fine. I have bought quite a few purses from ebay without incident and now look i get this freak. If he is legit I will apologize for calling him that. Now I wonder if the bag is real?????
  7. I agree - don't worry yet - Sometimes at work I am mad busy and don't have time to check my e-mails

    Let us know if you get a response:smile:
  8. def ask for a tracking number! asap!
  9. I will thanks for making me feel a little better. Now I have to hide the box form hubbie...... when or if I ever get it.
  10. Okay Here it is Friday he said he was shipping yesterday - emailed him first thing in the morning - asking for a track number. No answer. I know he has been on ebay because I followed the positive feedbacks he has left and has received. Grrrrrrrr. BTW shipping was 15.00 , He's in Brooklyn I am in Westchester.
  11. Yep. Some of us have to fund our bag habits ourselves :wtf:
  12. :confused1: I fund my bag addiction all by myself just have to hide the evidence from my husband. Now the point I made earlier is this seller has quite a few negs in the past month 6 in fact which I stupidly didn't check because his rating was so high which is the cause for my panic. I know he has been on the computer today because I read feedback he left for others so he can leave feedback but he can't repsond to my polite email asking for a tracking number? Second when he finally replied to my third email yesterday he lied and said he had contacted me.