Sushi eaters - fatty rolls or plain old raw fish?

  1. I used to be a big roll person (heck, still am), but now I'm slowly drifting to eating more traditional sushi. Just fish over rice. It really depends on my mood, and I don't feel strongly either way (or more, I feel very strongly about both), but I was just curious. Which do you prefer?
  2. eel
  3. I much prefer rolls over nigiri. There's just something about the texture of a big slab of fish that I can't deal with. Once the fish is wrapped in rice, and seaweed, I'll eat a bucket load!
  4. I like both.
  5. I like trying the different combinations that they come up with at my favorite sushi place, but I also like nigiri and sashimi.
  6. I prefer the rolls.... I like the simple spicy tuna rolls, and several of the fancier rolls that are made at my local restaurant....
  7. def. rolls!!LOL!
    except for eel :drool:
  8. gasp.

    dragon rol= EEL!!!!!

    I love all..especially raw sashmi.
  9. the only ones i don't like are the ones with the fake crab meat. or cream cheese.. yuk...
  10. the only one i must have as a roll, more specifically hand roll is toro! toro hand roll w/ green onion is tdf!!! everything else i can eat as sashimi. i love sushi.
  11. Love it all! Now I want sushi, yummy.
  12. I want some sushi too now!

    I like rolls or just the pieces of fish. Lately I've been eating a rainbow roll a lot that I get at Whole Foods that's got rice, fish, and advocado in it. I love sushi any kind of way really.
  13. Love them ALL!! YUMMMMMMMM.. :drool:

    Of course my real fav is still Spicy Tuna Hand Roll on Soy

  14. I started out with rolls, then went to nigiri .. now I just eat sashimi. I'll do one of those fancy schmancy designer rolls now and then but basically I eat just the plain fish. My favorites are: tuna, salmon, red snapper, yellowtail, and mackerel; although I ususally order a "sashimi platter" which comes with all sorts of fish that I don't know :p
  15. I prefer nigiri sushi, but like simple rolls too...not the fancy rainbow/dragon rolls. I don't like the seaweed wrapping on the rolls, it's too salty and the taste is too much for me.

    I hate that crab stick surimi stuff in the california roll...I prefer the real thing!