Susan's Burlingame current stock - 07 colors!

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  1. Hi all,

    I was just at Susan's on Saturday and thought I'd share what they have in their current stock!

    Kelly green city (normal hardware and gorgeous!) :heart:
    Kelly green city with giant hardware (i'm not so sure about the giant may grow on me...)
    French Blue city (a little veiny)
    the new seafoamish color in a bowling style and work

    They also had a load of black and brown cities and work styles, coin purses and a bronze boobie!
  2. ohhh thanks! do they have any older season stuff?
  3. A BRONZE BOOBIE! Donna did you hear that?! :greengrin:
  4. I think Donna already have pewter :smile:
  5. I think they have an apple green boobie too. :smile:
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but what is Susan's? Can you order via phone/email? Or is this merely an in-store buy-opp?

  7. No boobies left, I just called.

    Thats just as well...for my budget.

    They charge $280 for theirs.
  8. susan's is a store in burlingame that carries b-bags. they also have a store in SF. i think you can call and order.

    it is where i got my BI day. they have a great selection typically and lots of coin purses. i'm going with some friends in jan, can't wait to see the new stock!
  9. I'd really like to get the link to this store so I can see what they have. Anyone know it?
  10. Hmmm ... interesting; this is where I PRE-ORDERED the Rouge Vif Matelasse (which I was told would be the same as my avatar, but the larger size). When I FINALLY got the parcel (only 4 months later), 'lo and behold I was looking at a TOTALLY different bag!!!

    They are supposed to be replacing it with another bag ... I'm still waiting to hear what they are going to propose.
  11. ^Were the matelasse's made in rouge vif CeeJay?
  12. That's what I had ORIGINALLY asked them! My understanding, was that the style (like my Avatar) was available in Black & Marron Glace (Dark Brown) only. However, the S/A at Susan's told me that it was available in the Rouge Vif ... of course, I jumped on it immediately!

    Bottom line, I'm not keen on ordering ANYTHING anymore ... you are at their mercy re: describing items as well as their 'taste' on the leather (I'm EXTREMELY picky about the leather).

    I'm probably going to have to go with an '07 Bag; I'm not too happy about that ...
  13. ^Ah, I see. That's what I thought too but one time I heard you mention the red matelasse and always wondered if it came in red too. Maybe you can get one of the '07 matelasses like the red vermillion, if they are making that.
  14. Based on the pics I've seen so far, I'm not sure that the Matelasse is going to be available in the brighter colors (like the Vermilion, Vert D'eau, etc.). Typical ... they're going to make it in the more boring :Push: :yucky: colors! However, given that so many of these bags are now on sale, I wonder if Balenciaga will even make that many of them to begin with ... :confused1: