Susannah Hunter

  1. What do you all think of Susannah Hunter

    She is on don't know how to post pics, so if you click onto handbags on Neiman Marcus, you will find her. I think her stuff, while bold, is kind of cute. Curious as to your thoughts.
  2. ^^Did you mean Saks? I've seen her bags on Saks and they look pretty cool, but I'd really like to see them in person to get a better idea of the quality....

  3. yes, these are them...they are beautiful IRL....Although they are "talking" a lot, I like the specialness and the creativity...I am getting bored with everyone clamoring to just do the latest buckle, stud, or washed leather...everything is just looking like another leather bag...I am getting over the status of things, and looking for things that offer more individual and personal style...
  4. They are pretty. Are you thinking of buying one of them, gratytude?
  5. thinking about it. Still not sold...I am not sure if I want to be noticed that much. Would love this idea done in a study of tones of a color. dark red, burgundy, oxblood...
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