Susan (Burlingame) inventory

  1. I stopped by Susan in Burlingame (CA) this morning and they have 2 or 3 BI work and one weekender in stock. They also have a couple of Weekender in black, white and sapin, Day in greige and truffle, Parttime in rouge vif, greige and maybe black too, and a twiggy in black. A lot of clutches and some of other styles. The leather looks thick and nice. The rouge vif is so pretty and looks better than in picture.
  2. Do you know if they had any accessories like the wallet, boobie, or coin purses available?
  3. Would love to see a Boobie...can someone post pictures?
  4. Didn't really pay attention to the accessaries. But there were at least over a dozen or more small goods on display.
  5. I'm going to Susan's on Sunday. Thanks for the update!
  6. Ooooh....I want a boobie!!
  7. "Boobies" (sometimes also referred to as "Planet", "Pod") are no longer made (I believe 2005 was the last year that they made). So, unless you see them on eBay or a store has old stock, you're not going to be able to find them.

    Last time I posted that I wanted some more (I have quite a few already, but I actually use them every day), a number of the lurkers called the places which folks had posted ... snapped them all up ... and then had the audacity to contact me asking if I was interested in the item(s) for significantly more than their retail value.

    So ... if you find them and want them ... BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY!
  8. I LOVE accessories, even though I know buying 2 makeup clutches is equivalent to a bag. Cant get enough. I want clutches, coin purses and wallets. have the clutches and coin purse, need a wallet desperately. REALLY want a Blueberry wallet and makeup clutch. Anyone know if they make them in that color?