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  1. In your opinion, what do u think about Surya XL? And why the hell is it in 3K range?
  2. OK...this is just my opinion...but I think it looks like an elegant garbage bag. I would not buy just does not speak to me at all. I feel I can get a much nicer looking bag for the price.
  3. Yah... The price is quite steep for a patent leather bag. The cheapest patent leather bag is vernis. Oh. . why does Suhali is also in 3K range? I don't get it though. It's not like anything special on them. So plain. I hate plain bags. I like decorations. I mean, like the design or hardware.
  4. it has a biker-chic feel to it...not really my style but nothing bad to say about it
  5. Yeah...I know what you mean...I haven't figured that one out yet.:confused1:
  6. Not my fav. MUCH PREFER the mahina
  7. I love it!
  8. I like my patent leather but i like them to have somewhat of a structure! And for 3K and up.. :wacko: Mahina I'd pay that amount for though!

    I guess every brand has to have their higher end range to keep it 'exclusive'... the amount of leather and work that goes into them as well... I love the Suhali Lockit and their old L'Ingénieux.... ultimate HG bags for me!
  9. I really like the Travel Lockit in Suhali, if only it wasn't upwards of $5,000. I'm a guy so I don't think I could rock any of the bags! :P
  10. I prefer the regular Mahina. The Surya looks too plasticky. Even my SA felt the same way. This is just my opinion.
  11. I am a guy too, but I am gay so that may be exception. AND I don't care what people think. I mean, hell, I am carrying LV because I can damn afford to.
  12. I like the Cherry color! The rest of the colors I don't care for!

    I wouldn't pay 3k+ for it though for a couple reasons... I prefer the L size. XL is too big on me. And I prefer to buy bags that I think I will use for years and I'm afraid this bag will look dated several years from now.

    For 3k, I'd buy something from the Suhali line!
  13. I like it and would use it but not for the price. Too much IMO.
  14. ditto!!!! for those people who didn't know.... im a boy :biggrin: anyways.... i LOVE anything patent leather, including the surya. i would just get vernis before the surya

  15. hahaha i agree. if i didn't care about money, i wouldn't care what the price tag was..... as long as it looks good on me. but right now, i don't have that kind of endless cash flow, so there's no way that bag would be in my collection as of now.....