Surya vs. Mahina L?

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  1. Which one would u choose?
  2. I love the Mahina bag design... but I honestly don't care for the Surya. It looks like plastic to me... DON'T KILL ME! :sad: I would get the Mahina L or the XL or... the XXL! HAHA
  3. Mahina L, that is my dream, Bronze or Black....timeless style!
  4. Definitely Mahina
  5. Mahina, no doubt.
  6. Mahina! I was hearing about the Surya when it first came out and the SA told me it looks like plastic. I didn't believe her at first and went to the store to try it on. It just didn't look right and yes, it looks like plastic. I went and got the Mahina L Noir. I'm very happy with it.
  7. Mahina!
  8. Mahina L!!!
  9. Definitely Mahina!!!!
  10. Hands down Surya in patent black! That is one HOT bag! I love it! But, I wont buy it because it is an all leather bag...I like to be animal friendly, hehe. I have the Chanel Vinyl Cabas and love it to death! I get tons of compliments! Have you seen Eva Longoria with the Surya bag? It looks so fab!
  11. Surya!
  12. Mahina for sure.. Not a fan of the surya
  13. If you're going for black, I say SURYA!!!! I LOVE Vernis, thus the Patent Surya is exquisite and perfect. It's a lot of patent, calls for attention so have the confidence and don't be intimidated with the attention you'll get with it.

    I LOVE the leather of the Mahina. I have the Gris Mahina XL - so buttery soft, but the Mahina Black in any size does nothing for me and does not complement this bag as much as it does in other colors! Let us know what you get.
  14. Mahina ~ 100%
  15. definitely the Mahina!