Survivor Starts Tonight

  1. As many of you heard this seasons survivor contestants will be divided up by race. There's alot of buzz about it all over the internet, and I'm sure the producers are hoping that this buzz would draw in audiences. So let's see if it's worked....who will be watching tonight ?:upsidedown:
  2. i will be!
  3. I'm going to watch it to see what it's about. I'm not going to pass judgements until I see it.
  4. Just watched it, I am not sure just what to think - kinda on the fence with it.
  5. I watched it and I do not usually watch Survivor. It was quite interesting. Nothing controversial at this point. Its just another experiment in racial/cultural anthropology with the added element of Lord of the Flies. I'm sure that at a certain point the different races will be assimilated. Depending on how this "experiment" fairs out, it could be useful to study in sociology/psychology/philosophy courses.:idea:
  6. Loved it! I'm doing "fantasy survivor" with my family- it's really fun. I can't wait for the points to be counted.
  7. I think its gonna get UGLY fast..LOL..That cowboy(?) dude is WHACKO..hes gonna make good TV...HA!HA!
  8. Yeah..but he sure cured that guys headache. I think I'd rather have the headache than the mark on the forehead...:wtf: :wtf: think it will be gone by next episode?
  9. ^Agree. It would be interesting if class was following the show.
  10. Go Cowboy !!! I love this guy already, if the Puka Puka tribe is smart they will hold onto him and dump headache boy Brad when they go to their first TC .

    I'm glad the Manihiki tribe booted Sekou,I hope Nathan gets the axe at their next trip to TC.

    The real fun begins when the tribe members are forced to merge.