Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites!!!

  1. For any Survivor fans out there.....Fans vs. Favorites starts the 7th of February....

    I'm so happy James and Ozzy are back!!!



    So is Yau-Man:

    and Parvati:

    and Jonathan, Cirie, and Amanda:


  2. I used to be such a fan of just yawn:hrmm:
  3. What about Rupert?? is it because he got $ for being fan favorite before??
  4. i. can't. wait.

    i love survivor - from the 1st season to now - i just love that show!
  5. Im very excited for this show!it sounds really good!
  6. Love Love Love it! I can't wait!

    That...and a new (early) season of Big Brother ...which will have me addicted to real player again. erg.
  7. i am so looking forward to this season. it should be interesting, especially now we have some old timers back.
  8. Starts tonight!!
  9. Well I gave up Survivor 2 years ago....but just finished watching it....I think I'll tune in again :smile:
  10. I watched. James is sooooo sexy.
  11. I'm a huge fan...I would love to see James/Ozzy/Yau-Man win the $1 Million.

    *****SPOILER ALERT*****Don't read below if you haven't seen the first episode already!

    I can't believe that Johnny Fairplay basically quit the game! I don't know if he did it because he really missed his gf (Michelle from ANTM) or if he just didn't think he could cut it this time around?
  12. ^ Maybe I'm a little slow, But I totally thought he was planning that (along with the 2 "in love" couples :rolleyes:) so they could vote Eliza out???

    I was shocked when he actually left!
  13. I know! I thought that too!! That woulda been something! Did you happen to catch who JF voted for? I don't recall seeing his ballot...did he vote for himself?
  14. Fairplay= big wuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I can't wait! The seasons starts in about an hour. I'm sooooo looking foward to seeing Ozzy in all his 1/2 naked glory again :graucho:

    Never did like Fairplay, so the spoiler of him leaving in the first epi doesn't bother me much :rolleyes: