Survivor - How do they shave??

  1. Just curious.. I've never seen any wooly mammals at day 37.. case in point this chick in the final 4 with full shot of her armpits. No hair!! Wot is up?

    :confused1: :p
  2. uh i'm not too sure but i'm really sad that yau-man got eliminated. i was really hoping that he would've won, he was a great man.
  3. Me too, I was so disappointed that yau-man was eliminated. He truely deserved to win, and I just thought he was so cute (not attractively).

    I just am so glad Dreams did not get any votes. Game or no game, what he did to Yau-man shows he has no integrity.
  4. I have seen some hairy people on Survivor. Maybe some get laser treatments prior to going on the show? I always want to know how do the women deal with that time of the month??
  5. I've wondered about the "time of the month" thing as well:wtf::nuts:...wouldn't it be horrible to be in the middle of the jungle..dirty as Midol!:yucky:

    On a different note...I was sad to see Yau-Man get screwed over by Dreamz last night but wasn't suprised at all. Why in the world would any of them make a deal with the biggest liar, backstabber, untrustworthy player of the season..and actually believe he would keep his word? I do not care if it is the name of the game..that was shi*ty! :cursing:

    I think Boo summed it up PERFECT at tribal council when he verbally reminded Dreamz of his so called "Christian Values". Follow the devil..and you get burned......:p
  6. yeah exactly what i was was yau's fault as well.......he shouldn't have trusted dreamz......nobody should have........i have no idea why the others kept him around as long as they did

    ahhh well...........I'm glad Earl won.......I liked Earl
  7. hahahah thats a good question. I've always wondered how evangeline lily's character on lost stays so unhairy on lost but thats a tv show. haha do you think the producers provide women with razors on survivor because america's not ready for hairy women on primetime yet?
  8. Earl was my second choice.
  9. Maybe they pack Nair?

    Or may be they make their own wax?