Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ cast revealed
    LOS ANGELES - Not even “Boston Rob” Mariano’s newborn baby could stop him from returning to “Survivor.”
    Mariano is among 20 former contestants who will compete in CBS’ “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,” the reality series’ 20th season, premiering Feb. 11 (8 p.m. EST). He left behind 4-week-old daughter Lucia Rose and wife, Amber Brkich, who bested Mariano to win the “All-Stars” edition in 2004 and accepted his marriage proposal during the finale.

    “If she was out here with me, I don’t think I’d have a chance in hell at winning,” the former “Survivor: Marquesas” and “All-Stars” player said of his wife.
    “I think they’d get rid of both of us right away,” he said. “With her not here, I think I’ll have a little bit of room to maneuver. Hopefully, I can sway some people my way.”

    The cutthroat Mariano will be joined on the “villains” tribe by players such as bratty waitress Courtney Yates (“China”); cantankerous videographer Randy Bailey (“Gabon”); sarcastic cyclist Tyson Apostol (“Tocantins”); and pompous soccer coach Benjamin Wade (“Tocantins”).
    Mariano’s biggest handicap? Not being familiar with new players like Wade.

    Wade, who calls himself The Dragon Slayer, says his motto is “trust no one, slay everyone.”

    “I’m not going to trust anyone, even people I’ve played with before. I’d like to say that I can trust Tyson because he and I were rock-solid in the last game. Maybe that’s too obvious, and other people will look at that.”

    Third time’s a charm

    The cast members — except for “Samoa” bad boy Russell Hantz, who was still filming the 19th season — were individually interviewed in secret last August before production on “Heroes vs. Villains” began in Samoa. It will be the third time on “Survivor” for nine of the castaways, many of whom participated in the “All-Stars” and “Fans vs. Favorites” editions.

    “I have the opportunity to do something that most people don’t even get to do once in their lifetime,” said Jerri Manthey, “The Australian Outback” and “All-Stars” mean girl. “I’m doing it three times. Just the opportunity itself is enough reason for me to say ‘yes’ to this again. I couldn’t sit at home knowing they were doing this and be OK with that.”
    The “heroes” tribe will include lovable mentor Rupert Boneham (“Pearl Islands,” “All-Stars”); emotional pinup model Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (“Gabon”); and

    Texas hunk Colby Donaldson (“Australian Outback,” “All-Stars”), who is hoping Manthey won’t be gunning for him this time.

    “Jerri is like a bad fungus,” said Donaldson. “You can get rid of it, scrub it, do whatever you want to clean yourself of it, but eventually it comes back. This is my third game that I’ve played with Jerri, and she was quite instrumental in getting me out the last time. I don’t have an ax to grind. Hopefully, she’s gotten the revenge out of her system.”

    Wearing targets?

    Half of the “Heroes vs. Villains” cast are contestants who won or came in second place during their “Survivor” seasons. The four previous $1 million prize winners returning to the game are “villains” Sandra Diaz-Twine (“Pearl Islands”) and Parvati Shallow (“Cook Islands,” “Micronesia”) and “heroes” James “J.T.” Thomas Jr. (“Tocantins”) and Tom Westman (“Palau”).

    “I do feel like I have a target on my back as a past winner,” said Westman. “You hope you’re not walking into a stacked deck where everyone doesn’t want you to get anywhere near the cash. You could get the early boot for that. I acknowledge the danger, but this game is funny. People usually align with people they think can help them get further.”
    Diaz-Twine, the sassy mother of two and bank teller who won in 2003 before game-changing twists such as the Hidden Immunity Idol and Exile Island were introduced, said she isn’t worried about trying to outwit, outlast and outplay other “Survivor” veterans — other than “Fans vs. Favorites” winner Shallow.

    “Who won? Parvati. The rest of them are wannabes,” said Diaz-Twine, who declined a spot on “All-Stars” but signed up to participate in “Fans vs. Favorites” only to be cut at the last minute. “They’re all trying again to succeed where they failed once then twice. You know what I’m saying? How many times do you have to fail? Come on.”

    The 20th season will be the fifth to feature former contestants. Eighteen castaways were assembled for the “All-Stars” season. The “Guatemala” chapter heralded the return of “Palau” stalwarts Stephenie LaGrossa, who will be on the “heroes” tribe, and Bobby Jon Drinkard. The “Micronesia” 16th season featured a tribe of 10 vets battling a group of fans.

    The “heroes” team will also include nurse Cirie Fields (“Panama,” “Micronesia”); pageant queen Amanda Kimmel (“China,” “Micronesia”); medical student Candice Woodcock (“Cook Islands”); grave digger James Clement (“China,” “Micronesia”); and on the “villains” side, account manager Danielle DiLorenzo (“Panama”).

    Richard Hatch, who was convicted in 2006 of failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he earned for winning the Borneo-set first season of “Survivor” in 2000, asked a judge last July if he could leave home confinement early to compete in the 20th season. He argued that any money he earned from the reality show could be used to pay his tax obligations. His request was denied.
  2. So did anyone watch last night? What are your thoughts?
  3. I enjoyed the episode. I was getting bored with Survivor, so I definitely think they needed to bring back the players of the past.

    I'm looking forward to next week to see what happend with Rob passing out in the jungle.
  4. I loved it. It was intense from the second they stepped on the beach.
    I thought it would be the most stressful on the villians tribe cos they have that label and hence will be watching out for the back-stabbing the whole time.
    But after the Heroes lost and they were figuring out who to vote out, I thought it was complex and really really tough. They are a smart group and seems like they're all thinking many steps forward.

    My two favourite guys in survivor history are here: JT and James so I am very happy :biggrin:

    Yeah, really wonder why happened to Rob. I hope he's ok because he's really good for tv and I love the way he thinks.

    Some people I wonder what they're doing here:
    Randy: did he even go far the last time?
    Sugar: a hero? bleah. I liked her before but wouldn't say she's hero quality.
    Courtney: like Sugar, does not qualify for the title villain
    Candice and Danielle: who are they? Don't remember.
  5. I was disappointed at the extreme fighting in the reward challenge. I know they edit for effect but when you hear the villains yell "break her shoulder" and Steph ends up with a dislocated shoulder, that's awfully rough. And Sandra unhooking sugar's top is just plain unsportsmanlike. Of course Survivor never attracts good sports.

    Boston Rob has become a loveable villain, if that make sense. His talks to the camera are priceless. The preview is scary--I hope it turns out that he doesn't have to leave.

    More of Russell so soon is going to be hard to stomach. I hope they don't give him the bulk of the face time like they did in the last season--it was Russell all the time.
  6. I watched! I'm not familiar with some of the contestants since I missed a few seasons while I was abroad but I'm happy to see Russell, Coach and Colby. I wonder if there will really be a romance between Jerri and Coach?
  7. Watched and loved it! I actually enjoyed the very first challenge- but then I tend to like the more physically combative challenges. I LOVE James, I really hope he can make it to the end. I'm a fan of Russell too, but he has to be careful with playing so hard! These people aren't going to be a gullible as his previous cast.
  8. Loved it!

    Was afraid Steph was going to get voted out first and so glad she didn't. Probably my favorite Survivor of all time - that girl is tough!

    Boston Rob...he's so arrogant, but there's something charming about him. He's interesting to watch.

    Poor Rupert. Broke his toe. Couldn't catch any fish or start a fire. He sure is starting to look older!

    Tyson just pissed me off.

    Interested to see what happens between Coach and Jerri :heart:

    I hardly remember Courtney (is she the SUPER skinny one?). That girl needs to EAT. She's going to wither away to nothing if she sticks around for a while.

    James - wow! That boy is crazy ripped. He looks bigger than I remember!

    JT - who doesn't love him?

    I think they made a mistake voting Sugar off so soon. I think she could've helped at challenges and they couldve saved her to vote off later. Cirie may have been a better person to boot off first. We'll see.

    Glad to see Colby again :smile: Sandra actually looks younger than she did in PI season. I could care less about Randy being on there - he annoys me. Love TOM (does he look like he put on some weight for the season in preparation to lose most of it?). Really surprised Sierra came back (what, after Tyson and Coach picked on her). Don't remember much of Parvati, Candice and Amanda. And who's Danielle?
  9. Danielle lost to Aras the yoga instructor on the Exile Island season.

    I don't think half of the villians are villians and same with the heroes. I know the show loves to play up Rupert, but on Pearl Islands he started out gleefully embracing the whole pirate theme and his first act in the game was to steal the opposing tribe's shoes. Yet he's a hero, along with Candice, who mutinied against her tribe in her season.

    Whatever, I'm rooting for Boston Rob and Sandra all the way.
  10. Team Russell!!! Last season was my first time watching this show and now I'm hooked because of him. Oh I tried watching the season with sugar on it, but it didn't keep me entertained. I thought Sugar should have won that season cause every time I watched they just sent her away to some tent with fruit and she made it to the finally 3 because they were dumb. Get rid of the weakest links first IMO. But watching Sugar last night made me not like her, I wanted her to go and got my wish.
  11. Oh man. I can't even believe that I'm saying that Rob didn't annoy me. I never saw his original season, but I did see him on All Stars and when he did his stint on The Amazing Race. I couldn't stand him on either show! He was so smug and annoying. However, I don't know if the presence of both Coach and Russell (both of whom I can't stand! Ugh!) on the villain teams have made me not think that Rob is so bad, or if the fact that he's now a father and a bit more mellow has taken effect, but I think I could like him this time around. So strange!

    Russell is still as delusional as he was during his season. I could tell from his confessional that he's itching to be named team leader. Only a dummy would want that title. Most people on Survivor try to not be named leader because it puts unnecessary pressure on them, and yet Russell is always clamoring for that title. The funny thing about it is that Rob has emerged as leader without anyone officially naming him leader. He was bad-ass starting that fire that way, especially after Randy was so dismissive of the "rub two sticks together" method. I was like, "Dude! Cavemen didn't have magnesium flint to start fire. How the hell do you think they did it way back when?"

    So far, I'm finding that I could like Rob, which is all new for me. I also like Cirie, but I've liked her since her original season. And I love love love that the strategy was already stating with Tom saying that they should get Cirie out, and Cirie saying that they should get Tom out. They both know what's up.
  12. I agree...I am loving Boston Rob this season, but I don't like Sandra, never have, and don't want her to win. She's rude and nasty and I still can't forgive her for throwing away her tribes fish and letting Christa take the blame. Mean lady, she is. In fact, she was said she was mean in her last season and was going to be meaner this season... I'm sure she will.

    Boston Rob, on the other hand, is perfect for the game. Excellent at challenges and very strategic too. He's really mellowed since becoming a family man.

    Candice flirted with that silly Adam, ran back to her friends on the other tribe and ruined Penner's game. That's the extent of what she did in her first season. Not really heroic at all.
  13. It is strange. In his first season, he didn't get very far. Not even as far as the jury. He was not very strategic and extremely impulsive. I was so surprised they would bring him back for ASS, but he turned out to be the perfect player. Although very mean to everyone but Amber.
  14. aww..I liked Sugar..I thought she played her season really well and deserved to win something. her name was the only one that nobody wrote down during tribal council.

    but she was kinda irritating this time round....

    and i definitely agree that they needed this to spice things up with Survivor
  15. ^^ I didn't like Sugar's need of a man to protect her. She did that in her season as well - used the men to get her further and then cut them loose when she didn't need them anymore. I was happy to see her go.