Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime

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  1. I’m shooketh. I knew the man was disgusting, but I did not realize the extent of his repulsive behavior.
    And he’s just surrounded by enablers, including his older brother who excuses his behavior.
    I don’t even know if I can continue watching. So far I feel the documenatary is well done. But I’d love to hear other opinions and reviews.
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  2. His older brother....good lord "Everyone has preferences...I like older women, Robert likes younger women. It's just his preference. What's wrong with that?" Uh, well, moron...first off, he likes younger GIRLS. Underage girls, not younger women. Big difference. Second, it's illegal. Third, he dates young girls cause they're easier to manipulate and control. That's what's wrong with it.
  3. Sparkles nieces parents refusing to testify against R Kelly is sickening. And Aaliyah’s camp denying everything is even worse. No wonder this degenerate was able to get away with raping young girls for so long.
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  4. It was fascinating to watch. He was able to manipulate so many girls/women for so long. I don’t really understand how after the video came out that not only he still maintained a career but other highly popular artists continued to work with him. I remember thinking why would this person work with him? Or a new song comes out why would this radio station play this? His brother saying that it’s his preference is younger women what’s wrong with that. Are you freaking kidding me his preference isn’t younger women his preference is children he can groom. The problem is children can’t give consent to have sex and as the adult you should know that’s wrong. I also didn’t know that he was married and I honestly didn’t like his wife based on how she presented herself. I get that she herself is a victim in a long line of victims. But I still struggle to believe that she had no idea of the extent of what he was doing. I feel like she was happily living in a bubble that popped when the sex tape came out. She probably preferred it when he was on the road as it minimizes the extent of abuse she dealt with. But once the tape was out she was ripped out of the bubble and had to deal with his mess. She also probably resents the fact that there’s no money for her and their 3 kids because it’s all gone to him paying off victims.

    The video is pretty damning evidence of the fact that he’s a pedophile. The fact that he was able to somehow get the victim and the victims family to say it was not her in the video is so shocking. I’m sure it was a mix of things I’m sure that he paid them very nicely but also the victim more than likely like many rape victims didn’t want to relieve the trauma let a lone on such a public platform. The part that bugs me the most is the parents compliance with it because if that was my child may god have mercy on your soul because I won’t. And when the victim claims that they aren’t a victim they don’t have a case, despite the evidence proving otherwise.

    I was also bothered by the juror who said he found R Kelly not guilty because he didn’t believe the women, he didn’t like how they were dressed, and didn’t feel that they were credible. How one dresses should have no factor in the decision. I’m sure that if R Kelly was raping white 14 year old girls that old white guy would probably find the victims statements a lot more credible. I’m not trying to be controversial but I do believe that race did play a role in the verdict.
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  5. I didn’t get a chance to watch yet but definitely will!

    Didn’t he marry Aaliyah when she was 15? She lied about her age somehow?

    This whole thing is beyond sickening! Growing up I was always a fan because of his incredible singing talent but after this never again!

    I also saw this article from the other day. I don’t understand people....
  6. Yes he did marry Aaliyah when she was 15 they forged the marriage license to make her older. He knew her age there’s speculation that she was pregnant at the time which is what prompted the marriage. Her family doesn’t really seem to want to talk about it.
  7. I saw his attorney on one of the news shows or entertainment news shows (what's the difference these days?) and he said it was Aaliyah who lied on the marriage license about her age. From what I understand one of his guys in the documentary said he forged her age. They know how to twist the truth. I'm glad things are finally coming to a head. i.e. show cancellations, his songs being removed from streaming services, etc.
  8. Aaliyah's mother recently spoke out about the woman on the documentary who said she saw Aaliyah and R Kelly having sex on the tour bus. Her mother said that was false, that they always traveled with her. If that's the case then how were they able to get married without her parents knowing?

    I realize it must be gut-wrenching to have lost a daughter so young and to keep having to deal with this stuff. I feel for her family. I never watched the Lifetime movie since it did not the support of anyone close to her.
  9. Even if Aaliyah forged her age she was still 15 and everyone involved knew her real age. Way to blame the victim who was most likely following orders from her abuser. I feel for her family who lost her at such a young age, but they already lost her to R Kelly long before she passed. I’m curious about how it came to a end they’re only married for a year, I don’t really remember hearing anything about the end who initiated it and what it really entailed.