Survior Cook Island!

  1. i just finished watching Surivor Cook Island...does anyone else watch that show?? i am ADDICTED!!! i was just wondering what anyone thought of the pair who committed the "mutiny." i dont want to name who just yet, bc i dont want to spoil anything for anyone...but im interested in your opinions.

    i am personally disgusted by the LACK OF LOYALTY of the 2 who betrayed their team. i was especially surprised bc their team was actually such a strong and winning team. Also, its not far enough into the game where it is "each person for himself" yet....and they are already showing signs of disloaylty!!! I despise disloyal pp...I hope they both get kicked off.

    Karma is a B**** and traitors will suffer their fate!!! :cursing:
  2. I have been watching this and was totally shocked!! I think they will be the next to be voted off.:death:
  3. I love Survivor Cook Islands. OZZIE is the reason I watch it. He is the main man!!!!:wlae:
  4. Last night's episode is over, so can I say I am shocked that one of the "traitors" didn't get voted off!? Ozzy is half-fish, half- man; I've never seen anyone so good at physical challenges, esp. in the water. The guy that won the immunity idol--I love him, too.
  5. yea..i was soo shocked they kept the traitors...why? i can tolerate someone being a bit weak physically, but if u have no loyalty to ur team, its pointless....

    i LOVE ozzie and Yul (the asian guy who got the immunity idol). to me, they are the perfect pair..ozzie has the strength and incredible stamina, and Yul is like one of the SMARTEST MAN/HUMAN BEING u guys see his credentials/resume? he also seems to be calm, fair and really focused..i like him alot too!!
  6. i was never too fond of candice and johnathan, there was something fishy about them. but i was very surprised that they could do that to their tribe and alliance. i was really happy that yul's tribe won the reward challenge and safety, it proved the other team that they are much stronger and united. i can't wait until johnathan and candice get booted off the raro tribe. :yes:
  7. I was also dissapointed they left their group, and what a stupid move. I was hoping Johnathan was gone last night... They both wont get far at all.
  8. Thank you! I had a brain cramp and couldn't remember Yul's name. They really combine their strengths well, IMO.:yes:

    And I just don't get why Jonathan is still hanging around--I wouldn't trust that guy at all.
  9. why did Jonathan and Candice switch teams?
  10. I missed the first few minutes, but I think Jeff gave people the option of moving to the other team, and those 2 went to Rora (sp?). They said they had felt on the outside and not part of the group. So they now are really outsiders on the other tribe and who is going to trust them?:confused1:

    Maybe someone who saw the whole scene will come along and explain better.
  11. boxermom, ur absolutely right. Jeff,the host said that the "surprise" that day was that anyone can choose to commit "mutiny," and leave his/her team. they were given like 10 sec to make that choice. within 10 sec, if u wanted to mutiny, u step off the mat that u shared with ur team. Candice took the first step, and Jonathan followed.

    i think candice wanted to be back with her friends, adam and prarvarti....and jonathan followed bc he thought he was tight with her....IMO, jonathan is a snake..hes always scheming..i dont trust him. And as for Candice, i dont know..she seems quite dumb for betraying her team, and i think she just is not a grateful person in general. her old team was nice to her and they won so many challenged to her, i dont understand why u can justify leaving a team that was good to u......who knows...:confused1:

    if anyone wants to see the old episodes, u can log onto, they have old episodes online.