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  1. Hi, Ladies... I am just curious, if you have collected some classic Chanel bags, some LV bags, 1 or 2 Dior or Prada etc... and say if this year you have some extra leisure money to spend (not enough for hermes)...What whould you go for to spoil yourself ? other brand or expend style and color? I have never looked Fendi, YSL, celine etc... do not think that I will ever like anything like chloe or givenchy etc... a bit like Tods, but same as Prada and Gucci, they run can wait to sale...
    Any opinions?:smile:
    the brief collections are like the following (so that you can see the color/style)
    Chanel classic flap (small SHW, M/L GHW, Junbo SHW, all black)
    Chanel PST red GHW
    Chanel French riveria flap SHW black
    Chanel WOC timeless CC SHW

    Lady DIor royal blue SHW lamb skin
    new lock dior flap shw (patent dark red)

    LV speedy 30
    epilether clutch (black)
    delightful tote (pm, mm)
    cross-body evening bag(forgot her name)
    LV solong bag

    Prada small camera bag (orange)
    Prada Daino mini hobo (orange and blue)

    Burberry small cross-body bag

    BV veneta bag (dark grey, medium)

    Balenciaga mini city bag (light purple)

    Ferragamo patent dark red cross-body bag
  2. What will be the purpose of the bag?
  3. You mean besides the questions you posted for PST, GST, Lady dior etc?
  4. Personally I would save that extra bit of leisure money to save up for Hermes. I'm in the same boat where I am happy with my LVs, Chanel, Dior and Hermes is where most of my extra cash is going.

    I have considered Celine and Givenchy (apparently I'm a sucker for French brands?), but haven't been able to bite the bullet. Maybe once my H addiction is over!!
  5. Before bags, I love to travel (sorry :amuse:). So I would spend some time in Paris (I never get tired of Paris) and buy there a Chanel bag from the new collection.
  6. I totally agree. I would save up more and get an hermes. Hermes is seriously addicting though lolll
  7. Thank you all!
    I love traveling too, but not lately... I was planning to go to Egypt...then suddenly, it was not quiet and calm there, we had to cancel the trip... Then we went to St thomas island...and then one of family memeber got sick for the past two years, I have not had a pleasant trip......
    I need to get something really stimulate my "happy" hormone...
    I was debating to get a Dior soft...then I was thinking maybe I should get some other iconic bag from another brand, as I already have the iconic bag Lady dior from Dior...
    I think women's brain is interesting...something like handbags can stimulate lots of "joyness" in her brain...somotimes, I like to enjoy this type of happiness, particularly without the tiredness and stress comparing to the travel...
  8. I think you should get a piece of the Chanel rainbow! So many colors to choose from! Try a metallic patent boy or a gorgeous bright classic flap! If you aren't already lusting after some givenchy or Celine, I doubt you will fall in love with a bag at this point! Hermes is great but sounds like you want something soon!
  9. You don't always have to have the iconic bag from a brand. The Dior Soft is a great tote, and if you need a great tote, that's one I'd advise over Chanel's totes. It really just depends on what you are looking for to stimulate your "joyness." :smile:

    chasing my Rainbow
  10. Dare I say you have a fabulous collection and should enjoy it without adding anything else? :giggles:

    Fine, I know nobody wants to hear that so, if you aren't sure what else to get and a fabulous trip is not in your plans, then I agree with others and recommend Hermes. Maybe that will get your "happy hormone" going?

    Good luck dear and happy shopping!
  11. I agree that you should pop over to Hermes. No collection is complete without a little H! Celine would be a close second😉
  12. How long do people generally wait for a H? I think at most, I can only afford a entry level lether one...
    How long do people wait? I am at Boston, only one boutique here...I put my name on their list two years ago, never got called anyway... someone told me that they only consider "serious" buyer first, means someone who had bought a lot from hermes, bought other things than bag... Is this true? How do you ladies get your H bag??? I am curious...
  13. I would suggest going to the store every other month, buying a gorgeous scarf or any other item, and ask about your 'place' in the list. Good luck!
  14. I don't stick to one brand, I also don't buy bags because of the brand but because of the style. I stick with premier designers but will buy a bag because it functions for my needs.