Survey Says...Cruise Wishlists!!

  1. Ok, now that we have been blessed with the cruise lookbook-(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SPIRALSNOWMAN!!!!!!) What are everyones desires? For me, its pink bubble quilt, metallic symbols, la bag and that new clutch. So much for waiting til spring......(however with the prices of 3 of those bags combined, I was getting one, so maybe its not so bad..):tup:
    VIVA LA CRUISE SEASON!!!!! Its the value season for arguements sake.:yes::yes:
    Thats going to be our defense for cruise purchases.
  2. I want metallic symbols!!! I wonder how big the bag will be though? Probably just a small pochette or something.
  3. Hi MeMyselfI.. I have waitlisted myself for The hollywood flap and hobo bag... the hobo i have listed myself for is a nicer shape than the one on that lookbook.. they mustnt have bought the style in Nordstrom seatle. Also got my name down for the Metalic symbols clutch, Ice Cub Clutch and LA tote in Silver along with micro metalic wallet in silver!Just cant wait for it to come out - My SA said it would start coming through in November!!
  4. haha! you girls!

    i haven't decided what i want, but i have my name down for the melrose gradiant vinyl flap and hollywood lambskin perfo flap!

    i don't know about the metallic symbols, maybe i could do that too. i'll ask my SA for more intel!


    ps: Soni, what hobo are you talking about?? xo
  5. what happened to the cruise lookbook thread? it vanished!
  6. it should have never been posted, we had to remove it to protect the SA.
  7. yikes, so sorry to hear that :sad:
  8. Hi ladydeluxe ok there are 2 styles to the Hollywood one is the flap over style and the other is a hobo more of a slouchy tote bag.. but both these come in two sizes.. the one that was posted on the look book was the large size which is more long in shape where as the smaller size that i have my name down for is kind of similar shape to baby cabas...
  9. What a bummer that it's gone now because I wanted to note some of those item numbers for jewelry pieces.
  10. Soni: okay, i'm trying to imagine. i like the one that has been posted in the cruise collection thread, you know, that photo? it's quite a small flap bag?

    i'm trying to imagine the hobo, which do you think looks better? i think the flap right? how much is the large size for the flap?

    do you have the prices for the items? (and the model codes?)

    omg i'm so sorry if i'm fuzzed up but i'm pretty confused here :sad:
  11. I have the prices in Euros which is the same for the smaller size of the flap and hobo - its 2200 euros.. I have my name down for both styles because want to try them on .. but i already think im going to go for the hobo.. I can get you the codes from my sa will pm them you - Dont know the pice for the large flap will pm you that too - wish i had a pic of the hobo to show you. Maybe you can go to a cruise event? Or hopefully Chanelboy will post pics in 2 weeks because they are holding an event soon.
  12. PS The one in the crusie collection thread is the 2200 euro one..
  13. I know! I'll probably never find the pieces again! lol.
  14. All I can recall from jewelry lines that sucked my eyeballs to the monitor were pieces from the baby doll and psychedelic collections. There were a couple bags too. I only jotted down one number and it was time to do dinner. So much for thinking I'll revisit and get the info. Who'dathunkthydbgon--wa-arghonuts.
  15. I'm a newbie when it comes to Chanel...

    Could someone tell me when this collection will be launched?