Survey of the Day: What Kind of Toothbrush Do You Use?


What Kind of Toothbrush Do You Use?

  1. Electric

  2. Manual

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  1. What kind of Toothbrush do you use? What brand is it?:flowers:
  2. I use sonicare ;)
  3. the kind that comes in a 7 pack from costco. i think they're oral b cross husband gets the blue and green ones, i get the purple and pink. :smile:
  4. manual..colgate 360 purple & blue.
  5. sonicare!
  6. The Sonicare, baby!
  7. sonicare!!! can't go back to the regular ones it feels so unclean
  8. Sonicare!!! The best toothbrush ever!!! :heart: :heart:
  9. Sonicare!
  10. EXACTLY!!! It always feels like I miss a spot when I use a manual. My teeth just don't feel clean and sometimes I feel the grit if I use a manual. YUCK!
  11. Man I have to get me a Sonicare!!
  12. Manual - Oral B I think.
  13. Sonicare!
  14. gosh, I think I'll go pick up a Sonicare today. I've been using a measly Colgate toothbrush.:hrmm: I do change my toothbrush every 3 weeks or so though!
  15. Sonicare. But I use manual (Oral B) when I travel. I have the tendency to forget my toothbrush when I pack :shame: