Survey of the Day: What is your natural eye color?


What is your natural eye color?

  1. Black

  2. Blue

  3. Brown

  4. Hazel

  5. Green

  6. Other

  7. Contacts

  8. Glasses

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. What is your natural eye color?
    Do you use contacts or glasses?
  2. Mine are blue. No contacts or glasses:wlae:
  3. My eyes are green!!!
  4. Mine are brown.
    I had laser eye surgery so no contacts or glassess whoohoo:yahoo:
  5. Mine are Hazel and I use contacts - but I am slow and didnt 'contacts' on the poll.
  6. Mine are a chameleon shade of blue. Dead on they are blue, but if I wear yellow or green, they look green. If I wear blue, especially teal or turquoise shades, they are REALLY blue.

    Strange eyes I have, very strange! :upsidedown:

    And only reading glasses. I had lasik, but I'm OTH, so I need readers.
  7. I have dark brown eyes..I wish I had green. I am nearsighted so I wear contacts. I need to buy a pair of glasses for at night but everytime I plan on going out & buying some I tend to spend it else where.
  8. Dark brown eyes!,I also have 20/20 vision,so no glasses =D
  9. Brown, contacts and glasses!
  10. I have green eyes!!

    I am near sighted, so I wear my glasses when I go to movies, drive, in class, etc. I am hoping to get contacts soon but I don't like the idea of putting the contact in my eye. It kinda freaks me out!! :lol:
  11. Green/blue/grey eyes, no glasses or contacts. Yet. My whole family is blind, so I'll end up with them eventually.
  12. Green/Grey. No contacts or glasses.
  13. I'm another with blue/green/grey eyes. They change with what I'm wearing. I wear contacts mostly, but glasses when my eyes feel tired.
  14. Mine change from blue-ish to green, depending on what I'm wearing. I just have 'em put "hazel" on my drivers license :smile: .
  15. Dark brown.
    I wear contacts, but not ones that change the color of my eyes, and sometimes glasses.