Survey of the Day: How Long Have You Worked At Your Current Job?


How Long Have You Worked At Your Current Job?

  1. Less Than Six Months

  2. Six Months to A Year

  3. One to Three Years

  4. Three to Six Years

  5. Six to 10 years

  6. More than 10 years

  7. I dont have a Job

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  1. How Long have you worked at your current job?
    Do you enjoy it?
  2. ALmost 6 mos exactly. And yep, I enjoy it.
  3. one year and one month, almost exactly. i enjoy it, but i'm getting a little sick of it. it's just a part time job for school, though, so it could be a lot worse.
  4. About two months. I love the people I work with, but I'm getting tired of the actual job.
  5. I work for my father's business in No. VA. I've worked since he started it 3 years ago..planning on working here as long as possible. He eventually wants to sell it & retire to Florida. I have no complaints about my job.
  6. i've had my own studio with my bf, we're doing photography, film, documentary & graphic design. i love doing this, i'm glad i quit my office 4 years ago :P
  7. I start my new job on Monday! :biggrin: Hopefully I will like it better than my old job.
  8. I've been at the same company 7 years but have had about just as many jobs. 3 have been promotions, however. Current one, loving it but I'm still interviewing for the next big thang.
  9. Six weeks. I like it so far.
  10. Almost 2 years. It's getting more challenging and I like it and I hope to stay here for a long time.
  11. 17 Years the beginning of last month. ;)
  12. 3 years with my current company (VP of the healthcare division with 200+employees). 11 years total in consulting with other firms including big 4. 15 years on the hospital side so a total of 26 years in healthcare, and have been in management since 1984. Its stressful and demanding, but I have been in healthcare since I was a candystriper. Love the field.
  13. ive been in my position for 5 1/2 months.. however, i've been with the company for a little over 2 years now..
  14. Training was a month and I've only actually been working about three months, so far I like it.