Survey - How Many TPFers Got Miroir Lockits?


How Many Miroir Lockits Do You Have?

  1. I have a silver miroir lockit

  2. I have a gold miroir lockit

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  1. With allegedly 150 of each color in production, a fellow TPFer and I wondered how if our TPF members "cornered" the market. I speculated we all accumulated between 50 and 75 bags out of the total 300. To that end, I'm attaching a poll (and hoping it works because I've never done it before) to tally up the number of silver and golds we all got.


    Please complete the survey and let's see what our market share is.
  2. LOL! My wonderful SA got me both a Gold and Silver (still have to pick up the Gold)! I'm debating only keeping one color but now that I know there are only 150 of each produced, I might keep both!
  3. wow 150 that's limited
  4. Silver here! :heart:
  5. Oo i wanted to know how many people had Miroir Lockits here to!
  6. There was only 150 of each produced? I read somewhere else that there was 800 total produced. Wow, these are quite limited!!
  7. Really? 150 each color? That's almost unbelievable~! That would mean not even every LV store had the honors to receive one. Hm ... how interesting.
  8. Restricter, glad to see our project got off the ground! Nice work my friend! I am the proud owner of a Miroir Lockit in gold, just doing my part here folks! LOL!

  9. The manager at my store said only Global Stores were getting the Miroir Lockits, so yes indeed you are correct, not all the stores got them!
  10. wow i didnt think they were that limited!! congrats to the ladies that got them!
  11. Well, if we have more than 150 of either color, we'll know the number's a myth. Ooooh, this is fun.
  12. ^
    Haha, I don't think there's any danger of that happening though.

    It will be an interesting poll!
  13. ahh good point!!
  14. My LV store is not a Global store and they received stock of the Miroir Lockits.
  15. where's the NOT ME option in the poll?

    hehe, out of my price range right now since I just got a new car!!