Survery - Nursing Versus Computer Science - Which is harder in your opinion

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Which do you think is a harder field?

  1. Nursing

    19 vote(s)
  2. *

    Computer Science

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey girls,

    I am doing a survey. Comparing Nursing and Computer Science. Of the two which do you think is harder/requires more, etc.

    Of course we are not ignoring that both fields require a level of knowledge, but in your honest opinion, which field would you consider is harder than the other.

    Your votes will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks very much.:love:
  2. I don't know much about either but from my experience i'd say nursing, mainly because you must deal with sick people, dying people, injured people - and that cannot be easy.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, please vote :smile:
  4. Nursing is not cut and dry..there are many more variables.
  5. I've done CS, but I'm gonna go for nursing as in nursing there are so many human factors to consider.
  6. :love: Thanks so much you guys for your replies and votes!!!! I really, really appreciate it!
  7. I voted for nursing because my all time worst subject ever was Biology.
  8. In my opinion this is comparing apples and oranges, sorry. Are you thinking about a career in one of these fields? Because as I'm sure you're aware they are quite different.

    I voted "nursing". I am a nurse and as others have stated, there is the ever-unpredictable human factor involved. However. for me personally, as a field of study, computer science would probably be harder because I am really not that interested in it.
  9. Lol, I'm the only Com Sci vote so far...I think because I've already tackled the whole medical area, and I just can't understand all that C++ Java just boggles my mind.
  10. I think its really almost impossible to compare... my SO works in computer science and his mother is a nurse... they've both gone through the same number of years of training (she obv has more experience!) and both are more about real world experience than book learning but other than that I can't think of anything to even compare between the two jobs?

    what do you mean by 'requires more'? more hours? more physical exertion? more people skills?

    also you have to consider what kind of nursing and what kind of computer science... I mean, a lot of 'helpdesk' people don't know much at all but running a network of computers requires a lot more knowledge KWIM?
  11. I'm finishing up a degree in CS but can't really answer this cause I know nothing about nursing, Lol!. What I do know is that programming is about logic which is more difficult for some than others. Now I did have a co-worker in nursing school and she always complained about anatomy so I don't know...
  12. My family is full of nurses, so I voted for that - I get to hear daily from all angles how hard it is!

    In terms of intellectual difficulty though, surely that'd vary on a personal level? My mum is an amazing nurse but I can tell you she calls me sometimes to remind her how to turn her computer on.
  13. I think it depends on what type of brain and personality you have. For me nursing would be harder because it requires stuff that I would be totally uncomfortable doing but for someone who loves helping people, loves doing something different all the time,loves medicine, etc. computer science would probably seem harder.
  14. Umm -- there is no basis of comparison here. At all. Both are challenging, but nursing has a roof -- you can only do so much as a nurse whereas computer science is limitless. You could be a software developer for Microsoft or you could develop new products like MP3 players and cell phones.
  15. As for intellectually challenging, that would completely depend on the person. Some people are naturally talented in some areas and not others, and nursing and computer science are totally different. As for more hours or actual work, it again would completely depend on the position. Nurses are often required to put in overtime, but if a person accepts a job building a network for a company or writing programs, it can be even more hour-intensive.

    Nursing generally requires more interpersonal skills, but again, not always. It really depends on the position. I've met nurses with the personality of cold fish and very warm computer people, so clearly a personality type can go either way.

    I am just not sure these two fields can be compared in the way you are asking.