Surreal Experience @ Restaurant

  1. I had a bit of a rough day today so I decided to treat myself to eat out. While I was eating by myself, I noticed this couple close by just kept looking in my directions. I wasn't sure what they were looking at since I was wearing my suit and I knew all my buttons were buttoned and the zipper was closed. Then, just as they were about to leave, both of them stopped by my table and said hello. I said hello back and then the woman asked me if I would be interested in a threesome.


    First of all, this is not something I would do but I have no problem if that's what others like to do as part of their lifestyle. After all, what ppl do in their bedroom is none of my business. But seriously, asking me this in a public place? I don't even know them. Of course I couldn't think of a good response so I just replied, "I'm flattered but it's against my religion:sweatdrop:." I mean, I don't want to respond in such a way that may offend them so this is the best excuse I can come up with.

    It's been a weird day ...:Push:
  2. where's that jaw drop smiley when you need it?? :wtf: that's close enough.

    i guess it's flattering. bizarre, but flattering. :wlae:
  3. Very odd experience! I think your excuse was perfect--that was some quick thinking! I guess you should consider it a compliment since they both found you attractive...
  4. That is hysterical!!!!

    Cute, disturbing, flattering, all rolled into one! :nuts:
  5. [​IMG]

    That's what you get for being so gosh darn hot.
    :lol: I can't even imagine, I think you handled it very well.
  6. I used to hang out at a certain local bar A LOT and met up with this couple there who were swingers. The funny thing is you would never guess it to look at them; she looked like a librarian and he looked like a computer geek. They had like 8 kids, too. Anyway they always used to buy me drinks and try to get me to go home with them, which I never did. It wasn't just me, either---they tried to get a couple of the bar tenders, one of the barbacks, and other random customers to join them at various times. They told me they belonged to some local swingers' club and I guess they had orgies or something---they always tried to share details with me but I would cut them off. I actually felt sorry for them, which didn't stop me from letting them pick up my tab while they tried to pick me up!
  7. I would have asked them, "with who?"
  8. You handled it well.
  9. Just reread the bolded part and it didn't sound right. What I meant is I would NEVER do a threesome but I don't have anything against ppl who do. I mean, it's their lifestyle and what they do behind closed doors is none of my business.:yes:

    By the way, I'm sooooo NOT hot, so I'm not sure why they decided to ask me.:s
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Wow, I think that was funny, yet a bizarre experience! I think you handled it well!
  12. OMG!! This is one of the best posts of all time on tPF...:wlae:
  13. I have a relative that has become involved in the "swinging" lifestyle. It has been a nightmare for her kids and her other family members.
  14. Whoa!:wtf:
  15. Haha thats like the sex and the city episode. Where Charlotte and her man invite or rather a woman flirts with them kind of and invite her up to have a threesome. The Miranda feels ugly and she answers to an add for a threesome and then when she arrives and hears compliments she declines to the threesome. But the whole episode was something like that. WOw that is weird, what happened but hey they liked you!