Surreal experience at my local LV boutique

  1. So today I decided to buy the yellow Groom Cles at my local LV boutique in Salzburg, Austria.
    The boutique is rather small, yet overstaffed: 3 sa and one store manager for that tiny boutique. Anyway, I enter the boutique and ask for the cles, the very nice SA shows it to me, and we start talking a bit about the Groom line, the upcoming Azur line etc. Suddenly we are interrupted by another sa who asks me if I'd like some champagne or mineral water. No joke! I politely refused and the asked the other sa to wrap the Cles up, as I wanted to buy it.
    Then suddenly I remembered that I am wearing my LV Monogram belt, and that I could get it heat stamped right now. I ask the sa, if that's is possible, and she says sure. I give her the belt, she disappears with it, while I wait at the counter. Then the champagne sa comes again and asks me a second time if I wanted anything to drink. I refuse another time, because I'd feel really silly drinking champagne at the LV store like I was J.Lo. She then asks me to follow her to some seats, and to wait there for my belt, she also enquired if I needed a parking ticket. At that time I feel really odd, because they treat me like a celebrity, which I am not at all.
    Finally the sa emerges with my heat stamped belt, puts it in an envelope and puts that in the shopping bag. She was also so friendly to give me two! catalogues and mentions that there is a heat stamping event coming soon. I am however not interested in that and proceed to leave the boutique. All 3 sas and the manager thank me for my purchase and say good-bye, while the sa that assisted me all the time, follows me to the door and opens it for me.
    The staff may wanted to be nice to me, but I think they overdid it. I was really glad to leave the boutique, because it felt so ridiculous. What do you girls say about that?
  2. I'd feel like royalty if that happened to me! Lucky you!
  3. man if that were me, i'd have soaked it up for all it was worth...i'd have had everything in my possession heat stamped, and looked at however many bags just to keep the champagne flowing!!
  4. I appreciate friendly sas and nice shopping experience, but that was simply too much, imho. Too good to be true/honest, if you know what I mean.

  5. Me too! Sure, I'll take another champagne!!!! :P
  6. How can you complain?? LOL Sounds like a great shopping experience. How sad is it that when we get good customer service we dont know how to react!
  7. Maybe it's, because usually high-end stores have snotty sas.
  8. You were lucky! I want to go to Austria now!

  9. LOL. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Awww... Wentworth, I'm glad you got great customer service... :wlae:
  10. I've only once had a REAL nice SA at a LV boutique, so I would have appreciated it for sure :biggrin:
  11. I would have had champagne, one for each hand; Had my shoes shined, my back massaged...ok so i got a little carried away
  12. Hmm....I would've been all happy! :smile: I think that is super cool!:supacool: I wouldn't have drank the champagne of course (I don't drink)...but, that would be cool to be offered some I guess.

    To have all SAs accomadating, I'd feel special! (maybe a bit embarrassed, shy..thinking "all this for me..")

    BUT, (don't get me wrong......)

    I'd enjoy it nevertheless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :yahoo:

    They would have to *POP* my head like a balloon:balloon: ...for me to be able to exit the store! :lol:
  13. Ooooh what a luxurious experience !

    I was at the Vienna Vuitton this summer.. but on a Sunday, I wanted to cry but instead, I sucked it up and posed for a picture since it was the closest thing to taking something away with me !
  14. Yes, I guess I should be happy and treasure that unique experience. Next month I'am going there again to buy me some Damier Azur, I'll see if the sas are still so nice to me...
  15. Lucky you! I'll be sure to visit that specific boutique if I'm ever in Salzburg :biggrin: