Surprised phone call to Hermes...

  1. Ok.. I am happy.. Not the "happy" happy if I've gotten a birkin.. but happy nevertheless.. I just made a phone call to Hermes in Cleveland.. and asked if their waitlist is closed, and the guy that I talked to is so nice coming from a Hermes SA. Wow.. I'm in shocked. He said that he's in charge in ordering the bag from Paris.. and he's going there within this 2 months.. He said that he'll try to help anyone in OH as much as possible.

    SO I put my name for a BJ/Red/bicolor birkin in 30 or 35.

    I am officially on the waitlist, and he's also going to asked his other associate to follow up with me in the next few days to see if there's anything else that she can do to get me a birkin, or kelly.

    He was so nice.. and I am ecstatic that I even finally made the phone call to cleveland, and not hoping for a bag in atlanta. Wow.. I still do not believe a Hermes SA can be so nice. I hesistate to give them a call this past few days as I thought the treatment is going to be so bad.. but I am officially surprised! :lol:
  2. Wow!!! That's the next best thing to snagging a Birkin!! Congrats!!!!
  3. wow that's such great news!
  4. Really super news for you! All the best!!! Hey wellow...can you send some good luck my way?
  5. Great! :amuse:
  6. That's awesome! Funny how persistent we Hermes hunters can be! I have such a bad taste in my mouth from the last experience...but maybe I should try again...

  7. Congrats! I hope this means your bag will come soon!
  8. That's great news! Hopefully you'll get a Birkin soon.
  9. Aww congrats!!! I didn't know there was a Hermes in Cleveland! I wish I was in the market for my own Birkin right now too, but when I am I want to talk to an SA that nice!
  10. How I wish I can be like you!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats wellow! I hope your Birkin comes soon. There are also many wonderful Hermes SAs out there ...
  12. Some of my luck is on your way :amuse:... Don't give up kellybag!
  13. Good incentive to move to Ohio!!!

    Good luck!!
  14. Wow!! Congratulations!! I hope you get what you've requested!!
  15. I hope the spring fever of many people getting their Birkins lately will go your way ... and also mine.