surprised at my outlet.

  1. I went to the Waikele outlet today to see if they got in any new brass keyfobs or charms because I really want one for my clay shoulder bag... still the same ones.

    As I looked around, I saw stuff that was still new!!

    And a bunch of Bleecker items, but I don't recall which ones (I admit I didn't really pay attention because I'm not a fan of the collection).

    Is this becoming the norm or something?? New items at the outlet!!

  2. omg.. the violet one is on my wishlist for my birthday!! ahh!!
  3. That's exactly what they had - the voilet one!! I was like, wth...
  4. Was there a lot of them, or did someone perhaps return them to the outlet?
  5. There wasn't a HUGE assortment, but enough to where it didn't look like they were returns...
  6. I want the green madeline ! do you know how much it was ?
  7. No, I didn't look at the price, sorry! I'm not into the Madeline's so I didn't bother to check... the only reason it caught my eye was because I know it's new!!
  8. I went to the Prime and Premier Outlets in Orlando today and they both have almost the same things in stock. Ergo totes (239 minus 20 or 30% off, Bleeckers in Ink, Bottle green and some other colors, small Bleecker flaps some 169 minus 20% some 119 minus 30%, came out at 83....Embossed Hamptons carryalls, TONS. The Prime Outlets was best. I didn't get anything, nothing jumped at me plus hubby told me we could go to LV (I'm dying for a cles!!!) and I want a Heritage Stripe tote and or cosmetic case in pink.
  9. Oops, Double Post
  10. wow it does seem like they are sending things to the outlets almost immediately lately :wtf:
  11. Those haven't been sent to the outlets yet BUT my store will send current bags to the outlet if it has a tiny flaw or if it was a return that had been worn. If it can't be sold in the store then you have to decide if it goes to the outlet or if it is a damage that can't be resold.
  12. I haven't seen new items at my outlet in great enough numbers for them to be anything except returns, but it sure does seem that certain styles/colors are getting deleted faster than ever and landing at outlet! I will be going back this weekend to take another look!

  13. Hi there, were they at "outlet prices", my outlet in Camarillo has a section of the store that is boutique with regular priced items and when you walk in they explain that, maybe that's the case at yours and they didn't tell you, did you look at the prices?
  14. Since items are going to the outlets so quickly now i'm going to start really limiting what i buy, even with PCE. like now i'm going to wait until charms and keyfobs are at the outlet before i buy. Unless i feel like there is something that i just can't wait for, i'm really going to calm down on buying in the boutiques.
  15. No, our outlet doesn't have a "regular priced" section.